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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More To Love

This is actually a new reality show. It's like a dating service for overweight women. I think it's a cool idea for a series! Not many overweight women get that chance. I know, I've come across it, and my sis Eva has too. Though my sis Eva hit paydirt after high school when she met the man she soon married, and he is a very good, articulate, and well-educated man! Most other people who went to school with Eva, all they saw was a fat girl. Nevermind that she was a decent, kind human being. No! All they saw when they looked at her was a fat chick. Unfortunately that's all a lot of people see. Because they aren't smart enough to look beyond the surface.

I'll tell you one thing, there is nothing on this planet more pathetic than one fat person making fun of another. It's one thing when a skinny person does it, but when one fat person makes fun of another, that is purely pathetic!! It seems to happen more often with boys. For some reason, a fat boy doesn't seem to see himself as a fat boy! So he turns around and makes fun of a fat girl. Probably to draw everyone else's attention away from the fact that he himself is a fat ass. I can only imagine how insecure a person who would do that really is. I remember one time my sis Anna and I were at a local Denny's. It was pretty crowded that night. Well we were seated in a section away from the bar, and it was kindof in another room. Well, usually before I eat in a restaurant, I like to get up and go to the restroom to wash my hands. When I did that, I noticed in the bar area there was a group of older teenagers, and one of them kept snickering and laughing every time either I or Anna walked by, and at one point he went "MOOOOOO!!" The funny thing about that was, he was about 5'-10" (approximately), with long, straight blond hair, blue eyes, glasses, and weighed about 350 pounds! And he was the only one in his group doing the laughing and making jokes. He was MUCH fatter than both me and Anna put together, and he was cracking jokes about us being fat. His level of insecurity was just overwhelming, and I felt sorry for him. In a strange twist, I found out he was a taxi driver, and one night Anna and I unwittingly got him when we called for a taxi cab. But we never said a word to him, Anna and I just talked amongst ourselves. But even then, he was still as rude and hateful as he could be!! I think mostly he was just angry because Anna and I were talking to each other and not to him. We didn't even talk about him at all! I just pretended like he wasn't even there.

But anyway, that's how people like that are. That's why I've come to know that you cannot trust people who make fun of fat people! They're always ignorant, stupid, insecure dumbasses. All they see is a fat person, they don't see that maybe that "fat person" is a decent person who could be a very ideal friend. I mean, these were some very attractive and intelligent fat women on there last night!! Yet a lot of them said they never have had a boyfriend. They go out with their skinny friends and it seems everyone only wants to talk to them. It is really hard to find a person who loves you for who you really are. And those guys who only go for the skinny, attractive girls, they aren't even worth anyone's time. Because the instant that skinny, attractive girl starts to lose her looks (and it does happen), that man who supposedly fell in love with that skinny, gorgeous girl when she was skinny and gorgeous, will go off and find himself another skinny, gorgeous girl and leave her flat. No pun intended!

They were right on that show last night, everyone deserves to have that love story in their lives. Those who want it. I've had my share of loves and some I've lost, for various reasons. But I make sure the man I am with loves me for WHO I am, not for what I look like. Believe it or not, I was once very attractive!! And it's not just me saying that, that is what I used to always hear from men. Kinda sad that I turned into what I am today, an ugly old hag!! I remember when I was 22 and working for the Salvation Army ringing bells and collecting donations in the front of the grocery stores at Christmas. A couple of older men one time came up and one of the things they said to me was "Santa Clause is getting prettier and prettier every year!" Made me giggle. Sometimes I wish I could go back to those days, but I cannot and I've learned to live with who I am. Part of it was because of my sis Eva. She taught me how to be secure even though I am fat. Believe me I am very secure now!! It tends to drive everyone around me crazy, but screw them! hehe! As long as I am happy that's all I care about. That's why it takes a lot to bring me down. I don't need help from my friends and family but they offer it and who am I to say no. I just try not to let them get too involved, especially when something is my problem and not their's. Eva has learned that when the DDM start talking shit about me to step away, I don't need her help. I just wish Katrina would learn the same thing!! She's still talking about Viergacht on her blog!! LOL! Not that I have sympathy for Viergacht at all (he did threaten me with physical harm on his blog) but this isn't Katrina's fight. But she loves to harass him so I let her.

I can honestly say no one has ever threatened me with physical harm before. So that shows the morale of Viergacht and the kind of people he calls friends. Of course now I know most of them are just people from the SE forum. Thanks to Katrina. Gotta love that little woman!! hehe! But yeah, Eva learned to step away and I really wish Katrina would! Eva said sometimes it's hard for her to step away, but she does it because I asked her to in the beginning. She told me when CrystalK and Sheltieluvr started shit-talking me on the Pluba forum, she really wanted to step in and give them their asses! I know she would have too!! She's tough!! As tough as CK and SL can be! Maybe tougher, because I've seen Eva when she's pissed!! I wouldn't want to tangle with her and I can be pretty tough myself if I want to!! She's nowhere near as tough online as she can be in life, a lot of that NYC attitude rubbed off on her over the years, and you know how they are there!

Oh well anyway, I like that show. I kinda wonder if I can enter and what would happen if I did. But I think I want someone more within my age group. Nothing personal against the man they have on there now, I'm sure he's very sweet and well-educated and could make a girl very happy, but he's too young for me. I have stories on my shelf that I wrote that are older than him! I could have babysat him when he was a baby and diapered his behind. That's why I want a man more in my own age group. Boy! That one babysitting job I had when I was 18 really scarred me for life!!! LOL!! Thanks a lot Patti and Chris Schultze!!!
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