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Monday, July 27, 2009

Sarah Palin A Quitter!

I didn't vote for president this past year because I didn't like either candidate. I didn't trust them at all. I remember earlier when I heard about Palin OK-ing the shooting of wolves, and the killing of wolf pups. That was a major turn-off to me. I admit the way the HSUS talked about the incident where government workers took some wolf cubs out of the den and killed them was more on the corny side (as it always is with those animal rights groups), but still!! I like wolves! They have a place in this World too. And her reasons for having Alaskan wolves killed was stupid as well! So hunters would have deer to hunt and keep as trophies. What a total waste!! And Palin is a total waste of breathing air for the rest of us!

Well, I saw this article this morning about how she is stepping down her position as governor of Alaska and giving it to someone else. Some people want her as our next president. I don't!! Small wonder this country is going to Hell, we always have nothing but losers running for president!! I still don't like Obama either! And the more I hear about him, the more it seems his prejudice nature always seems to come out. Every week, it seems Obama says something new and offensive in one way or another. His big ego clouds his judgment. But Palin for president that would be a laugh!! While I would like to see a woman become president, NOT THAT ONE!!!!! But why the Hell not? The World is going to end anyway in 2012. I was looking in on a clip of Hillary Clinton and I notice she said she believes in white supremecy! Oh my GOD!!! How the heck did I ever miss that quote?? After hearing that I don't want her running again either. But it's almost hard for me to believe she said that and meant it, considering Bill Clinton (her husband) is such a goody-two-shoes!!

But this article should give you an indication of Palin's morale. She quit her position because she was losing popularity. I've lost a lot of popularity too, but it doesn't keep me from being who I am. And I don't whine about it, believe me!! Most of the people I lost popularity with I never knew them in the first place. So you think it bothers me these people don't like me? Think again!! Takes a lot to bring me down! This old gal is like a rock!!

Anyway, here is the article:

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