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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Who'd Have Thought?

Who'd have thought that MJ would still be the main subject in every headline and online conversation a week after his death? LOL! Frankly I still don't give a shit. I was sure Michael Jackson will be missed by some people, but I am not one of those people. He used to be really cute, before he had those darned plastic surgeries!! He should never have done that! Even without that, he was never among my favorite singers. Everyone else loved all his songs, thinking they were all great. Me, personally I can only think of 3 songs he made that I liked. Only 2 I liked good enough to put on my MP3 player. One of those 2 I really only liked because it made me think of another video I found on the internet that made fun of him changing from a black guy to a white guy.

I'm still completely convinced that he was a child molester. I was looking in on a video on YouTube, and one person commented about Jackson and Farrah Fawcet dying on the same day. His quote went something to the effect of "When Farrah Fawcet died, GOD told her that she lived such a good life and as a reward he was going to grant her one wish. Farrah said she wanted all the children of the World to be safe. So GOD killed Michael Jackson." That is so feasible, I'd bet it's true! LOL! It could explain why Farrah and Michael died on the same day! LOL! of course I know the person was joking! But it is so believable!!

Well, we spent this weekend having a yard sale, and we sold quite a bit! Yesterday, Anna and I made over $44. Poor ma though she only made about $2. I felt bad for her, so I said a prayer for her last night that today she'd do better. Sure enough she did. She made more than $30, and Anna and I made more than $23. I can now get my dream stereo!! I've always wanted a stereo from Bose, and now I am finally going to get one! I've heard so much about their stereos, and the small size saves space! So, I'm a happy camper now. And ma and John are officially moved in now. Going to be a lifetime of fun from here on out. Well, either way, ma said the next time she moves out I get her antique china hutch!! I can hardly wait. I think I'm going to have it restored. The lock worked at one time, but it doesn't anymore, so I'm going to get that restored. I found grandma's old jewelry box, when I get ma's china hutch, I'm going to put grandma's jewelry box in it too, along with all the other things ma has in there already. She showed me the set of glasses that her grandma and grandpa got on their 50th wedding anniversary, so they are REAL antiques. I'm so fascinated by antiques! So I'm pretty excited about getting this china hutch from ma. She said she just doesn't want to move it again, so she said if it ever comes down to her moving, I'm going to get it. So it won't hurt me that bad if she and John decide to move again. But I really don't want to see that happen soon. Ma encountered some turbulence with John just before he moved here, so I was beginning to think it was over before it even got started. But he's calmed down now. Which is good.
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