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Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Jon

Gotta love Jon! IMO, the second most handsome member of INXS. I am writing this to wish him a very happy birthday today. I kinda wonder how his little girl is doing? Not a rationalization, but I notice most babies hit their "uglies" at about 6 months of age. That's the point where their heads appear too big (and too round) for their bodies. I'd better stop the comment there. I don't want Jon to think I'm making fun of his baby, because I am not! Just one of those random comments I'm always including in each post.

I hope Jon has a wonderful birthday today. He's really a great guy! I remember meeting him about 4 times now, and he was always so sweet and kind. As personality goes, I actually like him better than Tim!! LOL! Aw but I shouldn't be talking that way about Tim, he's always been good to me too and I love him a LOT!!! He's a wonderful guy, and his birthday is just a few more days away. I gotta think of what to say to him. Every year, I say something different, and I try to make it at least somewhat special. At least every year I make sure he is blessed very well for the year. I hope it does him a bit better good this year. Maybe once their new album is released and the people who have been down on them hear it, perhaps things will get better for INXS. But I will always be loyal.

I had a bad dream about Tim last night, and I kept trying to get out of it by trying to wake myself up. But I was so tired I couldn't wake up. I kept thinking "Come on girl! Wake up!!!" But I just could not wake up to save my life!! I was just too tired. I shouldn't say what happened in the dream in case certain "people" are looking in on this blog, but it was pretty bad. I remember a couple years ago I had a dream that Tim was attacked and killed by a couple of big guys who kidnapped him. Well, Catsredrum and her friends read that and took it literally, even though it specifically stated in the blog they were reading that it was ONLY A DREAM!!!! I was so glad it was just a dream too. Pretty much the same thing occured in the dream I had last night. Now that INXS is in turmoil again, it scares the Hell out of me!!

I was so tired last night, I even blew up at someone on YouTube. Not that that person didn't deserve it! It was on a video someone else posted showing great danes attacking an adult tiger. I joked saying "I guess this is why great danes are sometimes referred to as tiger-dogs, hehe!" Of course I was JOKING when I said that. That's kindof like why I put the "hehe" at the end of the sentence. But this brainless goon took it literally and said "No that's not why they're called that you idiot. Go to my channel to find out why they're really called tiger-dogs." Usually, even in the face of someone like that, I keep my cool. But I was so tired last night, I just lost it. I called him a dipshit, and then I said to him that I really couldn't care less why great danes are called tiger-dogs. I was tired and grumpy, and I am also so sick of these stupid-ass teenagers getting such a thrill out of being so rude to others over simple little things like that! This particular teen was rude to everybody who commented on that video, not just me. Some get on there only to show off how rude they can be! I'd wager you he was one of those like that!! If he was looking to get a lot of views on his channel, he wasn't going to get them from me that way!!

Anyway, Minnie is doing good. I call her my Minnie-Mu now. So now I have Boo-Boo and Mu-Mu. She is slowly getting used to home life. At least now Vegas accepts her. It's Odessa who now refuses to accept her. But then Odessa acts as the dominant animal.
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