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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

On Hell's Kitchen

I knew Suzanne would be eliminated tonight! I just knew it! I've been watching for some time and I noticed her performances were getting worse, I was surprised she wasn't eliminated last week. But I knew she was going to be on her way out this week! Before the show started I even said to Anna that Suzanne will be eliminated tonight. I'm surprised that she lasted this long. He's eliminated better people than her sooner than this. I was so surprised!! I think Tenille is going to be one of the finalists, along with Kevin.

So now they are accepting new contestants for next season's Hell's Kitchen. Sometimes I think I would like to get on that competition. But no. I'm not THAT good of a cook!!! I can cook and it's good enough for home and family, but not good enough for someone whose standards are as high as those of Chef Ramsay's! Besides, I'm really not used to hearing that much cussing first hand. I hate it when people use cuss words (like he uses) online! Much less would I like hearing it up close and personal. But I do admire the man. He's got a good head for gourmet cooking. Though I can handle criticism really well. Much better than most other people can, that's the truth! His criticism wouldn't bother me at all. Just his cussing would.

Well, Operation Repo didn't come on this week, which is a total bummer!! But Anna checked and she said it will be coming on again in November. I don't really know how she found that out, but I thank GOD she found out!! My ma is doing better here too. She found a job that she loves! So it's a good thing, she won't be moving back to Olympia! So if she's not moving then that means I don't have to move either. I'm so glad!!! Anna can move into the dorm at Bozeman, Ma's going to stay in town, though she says she might get a bigger apartment here. My stepfather may get himself a job out here, and I can stay here and remain living in this apartment. Or I might move into a one-bedroom apartment since it'll be just me here. But I don't know. I think I should stay in this one, because Anna would need a home to come home to during holidays and vacations.

Ma and I were talking and she told me everything is coming into play. Before she moved here, she said a prayer to GOD that he would guide her out here IF she was meant to stay here. I told her the funny thing is, I also prayed to GOD that she would make it out here. At first it was very rocky! She got a job at the Ramada, and lost it due to a completely stupid misunderstanding on the part of the supervisor. She was without a job all summer, and things looked bleek. But now, not only is she on a job she loves, but also the supervisor of this job wants to test her for something bigger and better!! I'm so glad!! Now, we are waiting for John to find a job out here. He should go back to work at the radio station. He's got really good credentials for a job like that! I think he should go for it! But ultimately the choice is his. But he has worked at radio stations before and he's got the voice for it. Much better than me! hehehe!! Well, we will see what happens.
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