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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Repo Drama

On the latest episode of Operation Repo last night, it was probably the most dramatic I've ever seen! Frank got fired! I knew it would happen soon. He kept saying how the whole town was against him. It wasn't that they were against him, it was that he simply wasn't doing his job! He wasn't right for that line of work, and I knew that. Everyone in the company knew that. Everyone except Luis. But now he knows. He said he wished he had listened to his family, I say he should have! Especially when they all were telling him that Frank was drinking. Had I been in Luis's shoes, I would have confronted Frank with that, and if he denied, I'd have made him take a sobriety test. Especially if I were talking to him and he smelled like alcohol!! I don't take that from no one!

I remember when I was going to the voc school, there was a man, about 10 or 12 years older than me, named Craig Pajares that I had somehow befriended. That friendship did not last! I should never have become friends with him in the first place! My first indication that he was not the right kind of person I should have as a friend was how he used to bad-mouth about my sis Anna. He didn't even know her! Yet he had a very bad attitude about her. The final straw was one day he came staggering in to the classroom drunk, I shared a seating area with him at that time, and he STUNK to high heaven!!! Made me sick just to be around him that day, so I took my stuff and moved away from him. I stayed away from him all day that day. Ever since knowing him, I've had little sympathy for drunkerds! I figure they do it to themselves. Craig was a jackass who thought getting drunk was fun! Ya know I saw that idiot about 4 years later, still driving the same ugly old pickup truck, probably still living with his father and always getting drunk! He looked terrible! He looked like he had aged 30 years worth, but I did not feel sorry for him. I figure he got what he deserved. He saw me, and I saw him as he drove by while I was standing at a red light. I recognized him mostly by his truck and his face.

I'll tell you, if I'd known back then what I do now, I would NEVER have befriended him. But I was only 17 back then. Teenagers have very little sense of danger. But Craig was one of those types of people that was a total jerk and seemed to want to stay that way. He didn't want to change at all. He liked it that he treated people with disrespect. He didn't even care what he did to himself, much less to others. I don't even know if Craig is even still alive. He smoked like a smokestack, drank like a lumberjack, cussed like a sailor, abused everyone around him for no apparent reason except that he just got a kick out of it, probably started doing drugs after he graduated from the voc school. Who really knows? I haven't seen that guy since that time at the intersection and then it was only a passing glimpse and I was all for keeping it that way!! But as I've said before, we all get what we deserve. I know sometimes people change. Craig could have changed and is now a model citizen. But honestly, the guy I knew, the chances of that even remotely occuring are about a billion to one. He didn't even want to change, he admitted that. He actually loved being a jerk! He even went as far as to help me create a new character for my stories, based on himself, that is also a colossal jerk. I only used that character in a very few stories though.

Anyway, that was who Frank reminded me of. I was certain he wasn't going to last on Operation Repo! Same pattern as I used to see in Craig: stinking of alcohol, hitting up inappropriately on the pretty girls, lazy, thinking everyone is against him, etc. When I first saw Frank on Operation Repo, I actually thought he was kinda cute. The only thing that threw me off was his drinking. Anyway, now that he is not working for the team anymore, I do hope he gets into rehab. See how I too can get into these reality shows? LOL!

Well the ending to this particular program was unique. Luis had what looked like a heart attack! I don't know. Maybe we'll find out next season what happened. The show didn't end in the usual way. Kinda left me on the edge of my seat! LOL! Speaking of reality shows I've gotten hooked on, I do hope Hell's Kitchen comes on tonight! It didn't come on last week, and I was grumbling about it all week long! We'd just come back from our trip to Bozeman, and I watched what we recorded while we were gone, and I was looking foreward to seeing the next episode of Hell's Kitchen. Then, BOOM! It doesn't come on at all! That totally SUCKED!!! More to Love did come on and apparently Luke found himself a woman. I kinda wonder who it was now. I didn't watch it last week because I didn't feel like watching it. I was mad cuz Hell's Kitchen didn't come on. Now I'm upset because I missed the finale of More to Love! It's always good to see a man who doesn't care how large a woman is, but sees her for the person she is on the inside. Though Luke has surprised me and let go of some women on that show I thought would have been great for him! But it is his choice. Much like on Rockstar: INXS. If I were Luke and thought like I do now, I wouldn't want a woman that is too gabby. I don't know what it is with me, I never get along good with people who talk too much. May be because I'm more of a listener than a talker. You would think that would be a good combo, but no. People who talk a lot, in my experience, tend to want to only draw to others who talk a lot too. That's been my experience anyway, I've seen it happen typically over and over again.

Well, tonight's another night.
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