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Friday, November 27, 2009

New Animals on Metazoica

I was working a little bit on my list today of mammals of the Metazoic. For those who are interested. I've been getting new buddies on myspace and facebook, and I like to name some of my species after friends so, I was busy doing that today. With me, that is the utmost form of flattery. That's my way of saying to someone that I hold them in the highest regards. I only do that with people I really like. There are a few species I have named after people I haven't seen or spoken to in a long time, but I still keep those species. A few I named after the people who created them, only one of which I still communicate with. But the other, it wouldn't be fair to erase just because I'm not speaking to that person anymore. There is only one person among my Facebook buddies that I have no animal on my list named after. But I'm not sertain he and I are really friends. He hasn't said anything against me, but he's never acted like a friend either. Sometimes I think he only asked me to be his friend because I am an INXS fan and nothing more. I'm not sure he wants to really be friends. But as long as I don't think he is slamming me behind my back, I'm OK with him. I'm just maintaining my distance. Which is why you won't find his name anywhere on my list. But I even have species named after almost all the men of INXS (except Kirk or Jon Stevens), and all the men of the Lovehammers too! I think I'll make the Lovehammers my next fave band, if I never hear from INXS again. I liked Marty Casey. He was OK. I think I have 2 animals actually named after Tim Farriss. I like him that much!!

Well, I will be putting the new list on my Metazoic site maybe this weekend. I know my pics on Metazoica are not really pretty but they are only meant to give the viewer a basic idea of what each animal is supposed to look like. I found someone on the net who liked my site, but said my pictures were not pretty. I just told him I was sorry he didn't like my pics, but that is my style. I know I *could* do better if I wanted to. I'm just lazy. I've gotten lazy in my old age! LOL! I also told him, as nicely as I could, that I found his drawings to be unattractive as well. But then he did anime style drawings, and I cannot stand anime at all!! So at least I was honest, I wasn't trying to get personal. I like the old-fashioned, Bugs Bunny style drawings, and that is where I set my standards.


Anna said...

I never heard the Lovehammers before. They dont play their stuff on the radio.

I remember how long it took us to come up with animal names for your metazoic animals. We were just shouting out names that we made up in our heads. Some of them actually sounded cute, even though now it sounds like names for designer mutts. But back then they sounded cute for an animal. Some we made up from things that we knew and liked.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

I remember that day too. It was rainy and we were bored. I still use all those names, some I modified to make them sound more like animal names. They were just weird words that didn't make any sense, but then some animals have that effect. Who knows what people were thinking when they handed out common names to different animals?