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Monday, November 30, 2009

New Feature

I have a new feature on my Metazoic site. I placed a donations button on the home page. I also put a note up on my guestbook. I said that if they don't donate to the site, they have no right to complain. So from now on, if Viergacht and his friends want to troll my guestbook, they have to pay me. And no less than $10 per post. hehehe!! If someone has a legitimate complaint, they're OK, they don't have to donate for that. But if the trolls want to complain, they have to donate, otherwise I'll edit their entries and turn their own words against them. Or turn them around in my favor. And believe me, I'll know the difference. I told them that if they want to donate, they can be as big an asshole as they want. I can take it. Otherwise, unless they want to embarrass themselves, forget it.

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