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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Favorite Bands Again??

There is this thread on one of my subscribed videos where the question of the week is what is your most and least favorite band. A not-so-suprising large number of the viewers said their least favorite bands were the Jonas Brothers and Hanna Montana. I cannot say much for the Jonas Brothers as I have never heard them, but I cannot stand Hanna Montana!!! My ma watches that crap! She annoyed me from day one. I admit she's a cute little girl, but her singing leaves much to be desired. Seems she and the Jonas Brothers have one thing in common, they both are bands/singers made popular by Disney Studios. I can actually remember a time when Disney singers had real talent. I think?

I remember when I was about 5 years old, I used to watch the Mickey Mouse Club on television. I didn't know they were re-runs from an older era. But they did some singing on that program and best I can recall, they sounded good. I have not seen that show since I was 5 years old, so now I could not remember if the singing was really them, or if it was lip-synched. But I do remember the voices sounded the same. But back then, the singing was good. I personally am uncomfortable with the fact that these are "plastic label" bands whose popularity was brought on by a Disney kiddie show. It seems they did not have to work that hard at getting to the point they are at. And my ma asks me why I don't watch Hanna Montana, yet she turns around and makes fun of me because I like watching cartoons. I don't watch today's ugly cartoons like Spongebob, but I do still like the old  Bugs Bunny cartoons, the ones that came out during the WW2 era. Not the episodes that came out in the 50s and 60s. Incidentally, those real old Bugs Bunny cartoons were not made with children in mind. Hanna Montana was made with children in mind. Yet my ma makes fun of me for watching cartoons. Sometimes I think she's got her values mixed up.

Ma thinks it cannot be for children because it has Billy Ray Cyrus in it. I'm like "Big Deal!!??" Miley is sponging off her father's talent. At least he worked to get where he is. He didn't need a kiddie-pop show to promote himself. The Disney Channel is really starting to SUCK these days!! I swear can't they play the old Disney stuff and keep these  sucky shows off except maybe on weekends or something? Really! It pisses me off that they don't even play the old Disney movies and cartoons anymore. Now they've gotta get into this new wave crap. UGH!! I always thought Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck were what made Disney Studios what it is today. Yet if you were to watch that channel, you'd never find them. We don't have the Disney Channel in our cable service out here yet, and believe me, I don't miss it!!

I sure do hope INXS does well on this tour. I am definitely going to be attending as many concerts as I possibly can. Won't be much I know, but at least the guys can rest assured that I will be there to cheer them on at at least some of their concerts. Now there is a real band!! I love INXS, always did always will. They have exceptional talent. It's a shame that their career was cut short by Michael's death. But I don't hold it against them. It's not their fault afterall. Now as for letting JD go, I don't know what to make of that. It may be that they just want to do this one last tour and then retire. Who really knows except INXS? I cannot explain why they are jumping from one singer to another. I wish I could. All there is now, until INXS speaks up, is speculation. I think they're trying to find another Michael. I hope, if INXS is reading this, that they don't take this the wrong way, but I think that's exactly what they are trying to do. It's like if I had gone out right after Groucho died, to try and find the perfect dog to replace her to fill that void. I didn't do it because I thought it would be a waste of time. I could never replace Groucho!! She was a one of a kind! So, I settled for the next best thing, Vegas. And I went with the flow. Though Minnie has helped me better in getting over Groucho. But little by little, I'm noticing a lot of Vegas's behavior parallels that of Groucho's. He is her nephew, afterall.

Just like my Groucho, Michael Hutchence was a one of a kind too. There will never be another Michael. The remaining band members have to come to terms with that. Honestly, I don't think they fully have come to those terms. They came awful close when they had JD with them. He sounded just like Michael!! I can only guess maybe they were not satisfied, and it could be because JD isn't Michael. Vegas isn't Groucho either, but I love him. Vegas is who he is, and that is why I love him so much. I hate to say this, especially to the band I love so much that suffered such an immense loss, but INXS needs to get over Michael!! They need to move on! They need to find a singer if they want to keep going, that they are all satisfied with, if they have to, adopt a new sound or something, and keep that singer. Say "THIS is INXS now! Not then! NOW!" They need to put the past behind them. Don't forget Michael, but remember him and move foreward. I really admire INXS for wanting to keep going in the music world. I know it's their passion. But for once please settle on a good lead singer, and let that be it. If they can't find someone they are all completely satisfied with, then IMO, maybe they just shouldn't make anymore music. Of course I realize that would SUCK and I'd probably never see them again. I mean, I love their tours. But there comes a time when someone has to look at themselves and say "Is this really what I should be doing?" Like me and show breeding chihuahuas. I really questioned that after I lost Groucho, and I did try. The old saying goes if you fall off a horse, you're supposed to climb right back on again. I even did have Vegas learning to stack. But I lost track!! The UMG website came up and we're still working on that. Besides I discovered I just HATE show breeders!!! For a vast number of reasons. I came to realize that breeding dogs for show maybe just wasn't my thing. And I haven't bred any dog since. But the remaining guys of INXS needs to hear their calling. Maybe there is something else out there for them? We all have a reason to be here. INXS fulfilled one mission, to make fine music that makes others happy. There has got to be another something they can do that they are good at.
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