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Friday, December 25, 2009

I Knew He Was a Loser!!!

So Tiger Woods has lost his woman, his family, and now is losing his career as a golfer. The only reason he still appears in Golf Digest is because he is still under contract. But his column is apparently being taken off, though he is still getting paid for that column. Life has dealt this guy a bad hand lately. I knew he was a loser, since I first heard his name back in 1995! Anyone with the name "Tiger" has got to be a loser!!! That's why I refuse to call Michael's daughter by that word. Even though I know she prefers to be called that, I still say "Sorry. I'm not going to call her that." Because she is the only seed left by Michael Hutchence. I want her to be a winner! That name is cursed!! I remember Dian Fossey named one of her gorilla buddies Tiger, and she did so because she felt he was definitely going to live up to it! Well, in terms of speaking, he did! He never was able to form his own group or mate with a female. As gorillas go, he was a loser. While I know Tiger Woods was able to have a child, how long did it last? His wife's done left him now. But I knew this dude was going to be a loser! I'm surprised it took him so long to show his true colors!! If you're named after a loser of an animal, you're bound to be a loser! And as much as tiger-lovers refuse to admit it, yes they are losers! Tigers are becoming extinct, and it appears to be a natural extinction, brought on by natural causes, not by humans. They have all the protection they could ever ask for, yet their numbers in the wild are falling, not increasing. And don't think nothing about the tigers being raised in South Africa, they are HYBRIDS!! Not a real species! They are a cross between a siberian and a bengal tiger. These mutts don't even deserve a place in the text books!

Well, I made it out alive!! I was cooking all week long! And today I made the biggest meal of my career for 3 families!! It was tough, but I made it through. Everyone is gone home now, and I had a bit of a nap. My feet are sore though, but that's to be expected. I made it out! I almost didn't think I would. My hardest night was Tuesday night, when I had to bake 3 different kinds of goodies, and clean house all at the same time! LOL! I thought I'd die that night, but thankfully I managed. hehe! For Christmas I received a pair of gloves, a cool ski hat, a lot of money, and an awesome GPS system!! What I've always wanted! I love it! I cannot wait to use it! Now I never have to ask for directions again for anything. Just use the GPS to get me where I am going. I cannot wait to start using this device! When I told my pa I got this thing, he told me he always wanted to get one of those but he never had the money. Then I told him he should have got it when Black Friday came around, they had them on sale for $80! If I'd had that kind of money then I would have gotten it then! It was a TomTom too! I wanted that brand so badly! Well, this one isn't a TomTom, but it's just as good. I want to go out tonight and give it a whirl!

Of all the things I wanted this past year, besides power tools, I think a GPS was the thing both Anna and I wanted the most, so that was a very much appreciated gift. But for me, the thought it usually what counts. The only thing I hate getting for Christmas is socks! Mostly because I almost never wear socks. I do occasionally, but if I get a pair of socks, I tend to wear them only once and then I may wash them, and put them away and never see them again for years! Power tools are next! I'm going to start off small, perhaps a dremmel with all the attachments! That's what I'm saving my money for. Next maybe a cordless drill. And so on and so forth. I'm really serious about making these bird and reptile cages next summer while Anna's planning to go to Bozeman.
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