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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Last Fan Standing

I think it is official, I am the last INXS fan in the World. Aside from a very few people. I cannot say much about this post, but I truly think I am the last fan standing. Well, I love INXS, always did, always will. I will never give up on them. I don't see why I should. They've always been very nice to me. Well, except one. But just one member isn't going to stop me from loving the band I love. Though they personally do not know it, but INXS has always made me feel better when I needed it. Though they personally do not know it, when I was feeling down, I always felt reassured knowing that all I have to do is just put my INXS video in my player and within minutes into the videos and concert footage, especially if Tim is portrayed anywhere near the beginning of the film, I'd be feeling better. For that, I will always be grateful. Grateful for Tim just being Tim!!

Honestly, the person I am thinking of, I like them a lot, and I understand how this person feels. Really I do. But I also have to look at it from INXS's side. As an artist myself, I can see why INXS is so hush-hush about this project and the relationship between themselves and JD. Maybe they are setting us up for a big surprise! Who knows? But if INXS does decide to go touring, I will still be there, purchasing tickets, as long as they come back to WA state!!!! They didn't come last time they toured and I waited and waited. I'd also love to be the one to do the first interview with them in this state. :)

Well, I got my printer today, and I love it!!!! Took forever to set up, and I always get flustered in those situations! But, I finally figured out the problem, and I got it running now! This baby is AWESOME!!!! It has duplexing, and wi-fi capabilities!!! I took it for quite a spin tonight. I've already printed about 1000 pages. Maybe more! LOL! I'm making up for all those stories that have been completed that I haven't been able to print. Believe me, there were LOTS!!!!
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