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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Never Been Better News!!!

We all know INXS will be touring the World again, and guess what! JD Fortune will be joining them again!! YES!!!!!!!!! According to Pantera Promotions (What???!!!!) INXS will be touring again with JD Fortune. I was so happy when I heard the news, my eyes started to well up again. I knew everything would be OK. I was so happy I never once lost faith in these guys. Not even for a second!! Not even for a split second!!!! I did question on here why they let JD go in the first place, but I never once lost any faith in them. I said I will still be at as many concerts as I can to cheer these guys on and show them my support!! I knew they could not get along without their lead singer. I remember after I had my surgery, the only thing I wanted to see was my copy of the Rockstar: INXS series, even though it is incomplete, I still watch it because I love to see my favorite men. But I also remember actually crying, not only because I was in immense pain, but also because JD went to all that trouble only to be let go. But even then, I never lost faith in INXS. You could say I put everything in GOD's hands that things would be OK.

While I didn't scoff at the idea of INXS using different lead singers, I just felt bad that JD worked so hard during the series to impress INXS and they let him go in the end. It might have been interesting to see INXS touring with different lead singers. That might still happen, and JD might be among them, I don't know right now. Or he might do a duet with each of them. That would be cool!!!! I think so. I'll just have to wait until the tour starts and hope and pray they come to this state!!! I'd be nice if INXS would perform in this town. We've got the convention center here and we've also got the Quinault casino. Both have areas quite capable of handling a good number of fans. And then I don't have to drive all that way to Seattle just to see my favorite men. Though I don't mind the drive, really. I just don't want to do it if I don't have to.

Well, as soon as the tour begins again, I will gladly ablige with my own reviews on here. Of course I will talk about things like how great they sounded, how I swoon over their singing, and Tim-Tim's beauty!! So if you don't like that stuff, don't read here then! Gee, I wonder somehow if I should carry my can of pepper spray? I wonder if it'd be allowed even? The thing about INXS coming here, it'd bring in a lot of undesirables, and this town is not used to that. But it'd be a lot better on me. I wouldn't have to stay at a hotel! hehehe!! And truly the hotels here are not doing very well. If INXS came to this town, it might help the economy here as well. Though I do not recommend staying at the Ramada. And especially don't go to their restaurant!!! They don't filter the water they use to make the food and drinks, and out here, you really have to filter the tap water before you drink it. The tap water out here has a lot of contaminants that can cause cancer. I'll tell you, the people at the Ramada here in Ocean Shores, they don't care. For them, it's cheaper to just serve up plain old tap water than filter it. Don't believe me about the tap water? Come here and run the hot water and smell it. It's got a very strong, unmistakable, sulfurous smell! That's why I never drink the tap water here. I never even put it in my mouth. I spend my whole time showering with my mouth completely closed. I clean my teeth with filtered water only. But enough about the water here!! LOL!! I just wanted to shout that I love INXS, I am so happy they are touring again, and I am so glad they chose once again to have JD join them!!!

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