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Monday, December 28, 2009

The Perfect Gift

I think the greatest gift of all is one that comes from someone you don't expect. INXS did the most wonderful thing and gave some needy person a gift this Christmas that she could really use! Let me start by telling you all about this woman. Her name is Jenny Piemontese, she has fostered children, as well as worked with Australia's Lifeline, which I believe is a suicide hotline, and she also gives her time to helping people who are housebound, and also the elderly. This woman has done so much to help those in need, and INXS wanted to recognize her efforts. For Piemontese, preparing dinner at her house takes 4 hours of her day, and she has to always clean the dishes by hand. Well, INXS just made her job a lot easier by giving her a brand-spanking new dishwasher. I think it was so sweet of the guys to offer this to someone who gives so much of herself to other people! So much for them being "narcissistic wankers"!! INXS did this solely out of their own good will! Out of the kindness of their hearts. Not to sell albums and stuff! According to Piemontese. I believe her too! I've met INXS on several occasions, and I know them to be good people. Even Kirk. That's one of the reasons I love INXS so much! They've always been very giving people. And they do it because they want to, because they are very kind, sweet and generous men! Not to make themselves look better than they really are, or to become a hero. So anyone who shit-talks INXS in any way, should think about what these guys have done for others. And I can put my finger on several similar stories like this that the guys have done. Some of which I've heard first hand.

Anyone interested in reading the article, go here!

Speaking of perfect gifts, I got to give my new GPS a spin the other day. We went to Oregon and saw things we've never seen before. Things that we would never have found were it not for this GPS we got. I love it!! We named her Samantha! hehe! Well, actually it came with that name. Those who may never have had a GPS device, these voices have actual names. Yep, ours talks to us! It is great! When I got it I couldn't wait to try it, and now that I have I love it! This has actually got to be the smartest device people have ever thought of. It beats asking for directions because sometimes you'll get someone who just doesn't know where the place you're trying to find is. I've encountered that several times. But this device knows all. I also got my little Dremmel rotary tool. I had a little fun with it last night. It RULES!!! Now I am ready and waiting to begin building my bird and reptile cages!! hehe! Well, this is just one thing I need to begin building. I sure do hope I can pick up on building these cages as easily as I picked up on using this drill. But I think I can! I'm pretty sure I can! So far, I've been pretty much able to do anything I set my mind to. I'll post pics of the cages as I build them. I won't be starting though until next summer. I'll need a lot more hardware, I have a list of what I'll be needing. I'm just going to have to get a little at a time. But the Dremmel allows me to start off small. Well, so far I've found I'm not as afraid of using these tools as I thought I would be! They do command respect! But I thought I was going to be deathly afraid of them, but I'm not. I actually had a lot of fun that one time I went to the local Home Depot and played with some they had on display. My father also has some power tools he told me he would bring up and allow me to learn a little more about how to use them. Now, every time he calls, I'm going to be reminding him of that. hehe! I need to find something that cuts through anything, even acrylic, because the sides of my cages are going to be acrylic.
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