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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Reason For The Season

Well, Christmas is near, and we will all be celebrating! I just cannot wait till it's over. Well, I sent out my Christmas cards, the last of them goes out tomorrow. I just got a card from someone I haven't heard from in several months. So I had to send her a card in exchange now. Well, all is cool! I also made a big mistake and had to rewrite and resend another card! When I made out the card for my pa, I realized I forgot to address my stepmom. Well!!! I don't see her that much! In fact since we moved here, I think I've only seen her once. But when my father told me that I didn't address her, I felt terrible!!!! So I told him to discard that card and I would send them a new one. I am also making up individual goodie platters for nearby friends and family. I am still baking holiday goodies. So far I've made my fudge-topped brownies, Special K bars, Iced sugar cookies, peppermint meltaways, and macadamia nut white chocolate cookies. The white chocolate/macadamia nut cookies are Katrina's favorite. She said she's going to drop by on Christmas Eve. That's cool! I haven't had her over in several months! She's always so busy.

Well, the real reason we celebrate Christmas is because it is Jesus's birthday. For those of us who study Christianity. Even though I study evolution, I also am a Christian myself. I was watching the Christmas classic How the Grinch Stole Christmas, the cartoon version. Frankly I didn't like the movie version. I like Jim Carrey and the little girl was cute, but I didn't like the meaning behind it. I can really relate to the Grinch! LOL! As strange as it may sound. I hate what Christmas has become. It's all so commercial now! Which is the difference between the old cartoon about the Grinch and the new movie about the Grinch. If you recall the original, the whos celebrated even though they didn't have any gifts or trees or anything. But in the movie, when they all found out their gifts had been stolen, they felt sad and were like Christmas wasn't going to come because of it. Took them a while to figure out Christmas is not supposed to be all about gifts. Now, I am not saying gifts aren't cool! Even I enjoy getting gifts and cards from family and friends. But that's not all that Christmas is all about. We should remember that.

Here's an interesting fact! Did you know that this is possibly what Jesus really looked like:

Though this is not exactly the person we think of when we think of Jesus. This is the image we often think of:

This image though cannot be right. I mean, look at the natives of Israel. Particularly from 2000 years ago before whites invaded all lands. None of them would have been pale in complextion and have long, flowing, European-style hair. So really when you think about it, this picture makes no sense! This image of Jesus was most likely created by Europeans who viewed a shroud with an image depicted on it. Though now the shroud has been proven to be a fake.

Anyway, Happy Holidays to all reading this blog!!! I'm going to be somewhat busy this coming week, and probably won't have much time to blog.
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