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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tea Anyone?

Yesterday and the day before, I got into it again with this guy who called himself "The Teabag" on YouTube. But this turned out rather funny. Though I cannot stand tree-huggers! I hate tree-huggers almost as much as I hate show breeders!! Tree-huggers, show breeders, PETARDS, they're all the same! They just won't admit it! They all think they are the voices of the animals. Anyway, if you remember, "The Teabag" was the one who responded to a post I made on a video thread about a frog killing a bird. He was apparently the very first one to come in and imply that the camera person should have saved the bird from the frog's attack after I said that no one should argue with nature. Either way, nature's going to have her way!! No amount of whining from tree-huggers is going to change that!

Well, about 2 days ago, I was called back to that thread, after not being there for a while, and feeling somewhat huffed because I didn't say anything more than "Where have you been? You're late!" to the Teabag. I feared people thought I agreed with him! Anyway, someone posted this comment:

"by using your logic teabag another bird should have saved the bird!"

At first I thought he meant that comment for me because it showed up on my alerts when I signed in, it didn't register at first that this poster meant it for the Teabag. But this is exactly what I feared. So I had to respond. This was my comment:

That was "The Teabag"'s argument. Not mine. LOL!! I guess he thinks birds should think like we do. But that's not how nature is. In nature, it's every animal for it's self. Except in a few rare cases I've seen. I notice the bird's buddy flew away when it's comrade was attacked. It didn't stop to attack the frog and save it's friend. And most likely the next time it landed, forgot the whole incident ever happened. But you know how these stupid tree-huggers are! LOL!!

And then I also added this, as a note to The Teabag and others reading that post:

" I'd expect a human to save You from a bearattack in the forest "

To everyone else, maybe this is a personal thing, but for me, I'd rather someone saved me from a madman with a gun rather than save me from a bear-attack in the forest. The bear is only doing what comes natural. The madman is just killing for his own personal pleasure.
Well, yesterday when I got up and checked around the internet, did my usual rounds, I noticed that the Teabag had responded to my post. This was his sorded response:
You're fast to call people stupid while You have troubles reading.

My point obviously wasn't that animals should behave like humans.
My point was that humans should behave like humans. How hard is that?

(Besides, killing for fun happens among animals too. )

...and If you don't want to be saved from bear attack, the better for Youtube :)
Sounded like a threat to me! LOL! A silly threat, one I had to laugh at. Well, I tried to type out a response, but for some unknown reason, YouTube would not let me respond. I didn't know why, I thought The Teabag obviously blocked me, so I sent him a personal message. I hate sinking that low as to send a PM to an idiot like the Teabag!!!! I never PM people I don't know or don't like. Having found out a couple years ago that people can hack into your computer by just sending you a PM, I don't take that chance anymore!! Or I don't like to, but I thought The Teabag should know how I really felt. Unfortunately, I didn't save the PM, but it went something like this:
"You're fast to call people stupid while You have troubles reading."
Trying to back-pedal are you? I think I understood perfectly what you were trying to say. You were thinking that the camera person should have saved the bird, and I said I thought you were stupid, which I still believe is true! :)
"Besides, killing for fun happens among animals too."
I know, but definitely not frogs! A frog isn't going to waste it's energy killing something it has no intention of eating.
"and If you don't want to be saved from bear attack, the better for Youtube :) "
As a person who spent most of her younger years hiking in bear-country, I know how to handle bears when they attack. So I am more likely than anyone to survive an attacking bear. The madman with a gun can have you though. Now THAT would be better for YouTube! hehehe! :)
I've always been lucky that I never stumbled upon a bear while hiking. But if I did, I'd at least know how to ward them off. I did stumble upon a cougar once, but I beat it. A very well-placed hit with a very large and hefty stick stopped that attack! LOL! But I felt so disgusted sending a PM to the Teabag and I really did not want people coming on the thread for the first time thinking that I left his comments unresponded, so I told everyone on there that I had to send a PM to that yo-yo!! And I mentioned that I hate tree-huggers!! Well, this was the Teabag's last statement on that thread:
I received Your sick private messages and I have no wish to click these links. Why should I be interested in things You stuff into your rectum. Please stop harrassing me or I'll report You. End of discussion :)
LOL! He can report me if he wants to! I don't give a shit!! Others viewing this thread must have sent him messages too, because the Teabag said "messages", and I know he wasn't referring to the ONE message I sent him. I would never have sent him more than one. Let's make that perfectly clear!! One was all I could muster, and only then, followed by a good, long, hot shower! That was how disgusted I felt, PMing a damn tree-hugger!!! Anyway, my last comments to him were:
Believe me, I did not want to PM you!! But I was responding to your impudent comments on here and it wouldn't post. Besides, I was using your logic exactly. I will no longer send you any messages (don't worry about that!) But next time you start harassment on someone else, don't expect them not to get pissed off at you.
I had no intention of sending him anymore messages, I didn't care if he had reported me or not. I didn't even want to send that one PM I sent him! But I had no choice. YouTube made the choice for me. But I put an extra notice up on my channel saying that from now on, all tree-huggers will be blocked, because they are all wackos!!! Too crazy for me. Usually I like my friends a little bit nutty, but not to the extent of tree-huggers!! Geez! This one tree-hugger on Viergacht's forum, I'm glad I don't know her!! She said she's even a sociopath! LOL!! But anyone who would compare animals with humans, I dunno. It's just too nutty! I love animals a lot, always did! But you cannot compare animal life-styles to ours, considering the societies we have created and the technology we have. If a frog attacks a bird, well that's good for the frog! At least he gets to eat. It's easy for someone to sit and compare our lives with those of other animals that either goes to the supermarket to shop for food, or is able to grow food in his own backyard. But wild animals cannot do that, so the only way they can get fresh meat if they're hungry is to kill it. It beats starving to death. Wild animals have not figured out how to cultivate their own food. And you cannot blame that on people!! And some animals are not made to feed on grasses, roots and bark! Frogs only eat things that move, and those are mostly meat items. But try and tell that to tree-huggers!! They'll flop it around until it doesn't make sense anymore.
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