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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Vegas As Competition??

I'm sure everyone has seen the Pablo and Ramsey videos on YouTube by now. The owner refers to them as an odd couple. I personally would never have had the guts to mix dobermans and chihuahuas in the same household! But the videos are oh so CUTE!!! But then I am biased because I am a chihuahua lover. But there is one problem. I keep trying to comment on the videos to tell him how cute I think Pablo is, and I noticed that the owner, Chad Dressen, has blocked me from responding! For a long time, I could not figure out why. I mean, I don't know this guy, never did anything offensive to him, that I know of, and I was extremely polite when I invited him. But then a flashback came to me. If memory serves me correctly, I did comment on a video of his no more than a year ago, and I invited him to view my video of Vegas chasing bubbles. I personally thought it was just a mutual exchange of views from one chihuahua lover to another, but apparently, he saw it as something more ominous. I think he stopped me from commenting because he knew anyone who clicked on my name could go to my channel and see my Vegas was so cute (maybe he thought even cuter than his Pablo?) and he knew Vegas would take attention away from his dog and his videos.

Well, tonight YouTube referred me to a video of his that he posted his blogger address on and it also has a link to his Facebook. I noticed someone else referred to his work as attention-seeking. After noticing how I was blocked from his YouTube channel, and perhaps why, I had to say I agree! Sorry as I was to have said that. But no matter what, I too still enjoy viewing his videos. But just so everyone knows, I did not post Vegas on YouTube to get attention!! I did it because I thought his little habit of chasing bubbles was adorable, and I wanted to share it with the World. Vegas does not get as many views as this dude's videos, but I am absolutely fine with that! Like I said, ratings are not that important to me. Some day, I've got to get a video of Vegas getting his toys on command, each one as I refer to them! Few dogs I know of can do that without hand-gestures! Especially chihuahuas! Chihuahuas are known for being stubborn! One person told me chihuahuas are the stupidest dogs on the planet! Well, he doesn't know my Vegas!! He's as smart as any labrador! I've never seen a lab that can do anything without hand-signals or anything. But I tell Vegas to get his doll and he does! He'll go right to where it is and fetch it to me. If he doesn't see it right away, he'll search the house for it! One of these days I'm going to catch him doing that on film and post it on my channel!!

Well, anyway, as a fellow chihuahua owner, even though this guy may dislike me for whatever reason, and see my dog as competition for ratings and attention, I still congratulated him on his appearance in Dogs 101 on Animal Planet and OopsTV in the UK. I fully expect my message to be deleted, judging upon a lot of his reactions so far, but I just wanted everyone to know I have no animosity to this dude, just because I've been blocked. How's that for licking the roasting behavior?
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