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Monday, January 4, 2010

CBC News - British Columbia - Boy calls dog who fought off cougar his 'guardian'

CBC News - British Columbia - Boy calls dog who fought off cougar his 'guardian'

This is a great story about a dog rescuing it's human companion from a cougar. This shows how dogs of any size will sacrifice it's own life for the life of it's human. This is why I prefer dogs. Though I'd prefer something like a great pyrenees or a caucasian mountain dog to something like a golden retriever, it's still a good story, and a testiment to how loyal dogs are to humans. Though I cannot believe some assholes are feeling sympathy for the damn cougar!!

I admit I hate cougars, I don't see them as "beautiful" or "majestic" animals at all! I see them as ugly, lazy, stupid creatures and I wouldn't be hurt at all if all of them were to be shot on sight. However, there is another side to my point of view. Even I must admit that cougars were there first, it's their land. And they do need to survive. As a former mountain-climber I can appreciate this as much as anyone. Nature does need it's space, and humans are the reason a lot of that space is disappearing. I've seen cougars like twice in my life. In fact, I saw one dead on the side of the road the other day in a place called Oakland! It's not far from Elma. I recognized it as a cougar because I could see it's face and it had a long tail. But I used to climb mountains and I saw cougars a couple of times then. I also know they need to hunt to survive. Though I really hate to hear about them taking peoples' pets, if it comes down to it, you know they have to! Though here the deer are so numerous, and that is their staple prey, why they would take something like someone's dog or cat it would be senseless as they don't normally feed on dogs and cats in the wild. There's enough of their natural prey to sustain a cougar here to where they wouldn't have to take someone's pet. But I do still worry! Just because these are my babies, and I don't want anything happening to them. Minnie too likes to chase the deer out here.

Anyway, I am so glad the boy and the dog are OK. I don't care about the cougar much anyway. I just hope it wasn't rabid myself! It could happen too. But this is a great story!!
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