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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Did INXS Make It To #1?

Well, it's hard to tell. I got my copy of "Don't Change", but then I was hearing the song was in the 30s category. I thought I already had "Don't Change"! But I guess I didn't because I didn't hear it on my MP3 player the last time it made it's way through my collection of INXS songs. I like to keep my MP3 player running in alphabetical order, so I know when I hear Iggy Pop and Information Society, INXS is going to be next. Yes I know my taste is old!! Jumps right from Iggy's "Butt Town" to Information Society's "What's On Your Mind". Then starts my line of INXS songs. Some I've had on my hard drive for years. I had no idea "Don't Change" wasn't among those. Well, it's on there now. Thank GOD it wasn't "Never Tear Us Apart" that was supposed to be downloaded. If it was, I'd have had to say "Sorry. I'll have to pass on this one." Sorry INXS, but that is my LEAST favorite song you guys did!! But then every band is entitled to a slip-up now and then.

I know I'm the only true-blue INXS fan on the planet that hates that song!!! But I find it especially bad to boogie to. Though I find it very easy to fall asleep to. But hey! That only goes to show how different I see the world as opposed to others. IMO, in order for a song to be really and truly great, it must have good lyrics and good music combined. The lyrics of NTUA is good, but the music SUCKS!!! Sorry Andrew. Don't take it personally though. I love most of INXS's other music. To hear their music now, just brings back memories that bring tears to my eyes. There are only 2 songs INXS have made that I truly don't like. Besides NTUA, I cannot stand "Baby Don't Cry"!!!!! But then those are it. Every other song these men made, I love to death!!! It's like food for the soul, and I don't want to stop eating. hehe! INXS's music is literally like going to your favorite restaurant, ordering a nice, big, 2-pound porterhouse steak, knowing you're going to love it! But those two songs to me are like ordering that beautiful steak, anticipating it's going to be good, only to find out on your first bite that the meat they gave you is rotten!!

But enough about INXS's bad points, I just don't want others reading this and thinking that INXS is some fairy land to me. hehe! I was hoping (perhaps in a way fooling myself) that INXS would be brought to #1 through this project. I'm glad that Jim Guest (the man who started this project) got national and international recognition in doing this project, something he said himself he didn't expect to get, but it was a very pleasant surprise anyway. I did make some new friends in this process. I only got a couple of submissions for my video, which I think is probably just as well!! Reading both the submissions I got lasted most of the 10 minute limit I had for the video. Had I got any more submissions, I wouldn't have been able to read them all, and post the video on YouTube! And most of my friends are giving up MySpace so I didn't think it'd make sense to post it only on there. Though I did it anyway, as well as on YouTube. By the 20th I had already finished recording the audio portion and putting together most of the video portion, but being a woman of my word, I didn't want to close the submission line until the 20th. It's kindof a shame that INXS didn't get to #1. To be perfectly honest, I didn't think it would really happen. There wasn't enough people in the group to make it happen. I know a lot of INXS fans don't even have Facebook accounts. And a lot of the old Hutch fans want nothing at all to do with INXS anymore. Realistically, I didn't think they could make it. Especially since more people are interested only in these "plastic label" bands as they are called now. Though I've got to confess, Lady Gaga sounds pretty good. I don't normally like female singers very much, but she has a somewhat comforting voice. I'm not a fan of her's though. So don't think I am.

Well, I tried to let go of the realism, and join the fun of this group. I did get my copy of Don't Change, small as my support would seem, INXS can count heavily on it! Listen to me!! Lucky it was Don't Change. And INXS stated that their profits for the song goes to help those in Haiti. Haiti is the big talk about the internet. They had their first earthquake in 200 years, and now over 100,000 are dead. It's sad. The other day I felt like hopping a plane and going there myself with the intent of making a change, or lending a hand. Believe it or not! Though I hate flying!! I remember when we had an earthquake just before we moved to Olympia. It was scary!! I looked in the backyard and I actually saw what looked like ocean waves in the grass! Usually you cannot see them because they usually move so fast, but I saw them!
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