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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dueling Chihuahuas

Here I have created a video of dueling chihuahuas, one is named Suzie, the other is named Sam. I used to have a similar video like this on my chihuahua website, but it wasn't nearly this good because all I had to work with back then was Animation Shop. I even just now tried to put this on YouTube and it deleted it because of matching third-party content! That SUCKS!!!! It's so cute too!! Too cute to keep to myself! Well anyway, I made 2 chihuahuas trying to out-dance each other to the tune of Dueling Banjos. I thought it was a cute idea, then and now, and since YouTube won't let me post it there, I'll post it here. This took forever to create! All I had to work with was 8 little drawings, in different poses, each one a mirrored copy of each other. It depicts chihuahuas trying to mimic the other's moves. Hope you all like!

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