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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Michael Hutchence 50th Year Video Tribute

Well, I thought of doing a video commemorating Michael Hutchence in what would be his 50th birthday, and I got quite a bit of input from my Facebook buddies. I sent a message to as many of them as I could (I hope I got all of them! It's not easy to bulk-message everyone ya know!) Anyway, one of my buddies thought it would be nice if I could let the fans contribute their own thoughts in their own words. So I sent a message to all of them asking them if they'd like to contribute anything about Michael Hutchence. Either in the way of a voice message, or e-mail me a message about Michael and I'll read it for them on the video, or send me their favorite picture of Michael perhaps with some kind of message. Or maybe all 3 rolled in one. They can remain anonymous if they want to, or sign their name to their message, it doesn't matter to me. But I agreed with this friend and decided to try sending a message to all my Facebook buddies, asking them if they'd like to contribute. I haven't got any responses yet, and frankly, I fully don't expect any of them will respond. But that's quite alright! Really, it is. If no one else wants to contribute, I'll just do all this all by myself. Doesn't matter really. The only thing is, if I do this video all by myself, I'll probably focus more on Tim than on Michael! LOL! I already recorded the voice portion of my video this morning, and I can use it instead. I talked a little about my own personal memories and experiences with Michael. I even talked about his daughter, Lily. But I also did a lot of talking about Tim as well. Well, I thought this friend had a cute idea to let other Michael H fans contribute, and I figured out a way to fix that up so that it's really nice. And I can go with that idea as well. But I need volunteers to tell their stories if I go with that idea.

Another friend suggested that when the project is finished I send it to the band. I thought that would be a great idea too. Though I'll probably just put it up here or on YouTube if I do the video with just my own idea. Wouldn't be worth sending it straight to the band if it's just my own views. If they're looking in at all, they can view my video here if they want to. But I really like the idea of getting other fans to contribute their thoughts about Michael to this video, so I'm going to give it a chance to come to fruition. If anyone else reading this would like to contribute, you can send a video, voice message, pictures or e-mail to me at my addy: webmaster@metazoica.com. Whether you've seen Michael in concert, or have a special memory of him, or pic you'd like to share, or just want to say how you feel about him, whether you met him or not, anything is good! The only thing is, YouTube only allows 10 minutes per video, though Facebook allows 20 minutes. But anyway, keep it short and sweet! Videos and voice messages no longer than 30 seconds please. E-mails no more than 100 words.

Whatever the results are, I'll post the finished project up here. In order to get maximum visibility for this project, I am trying to think of other ways to promote it. Then at least I can say I tried. I'd like to get this done in time for Michael's birthday, so the deadline is January 20th. I'll need the 21st free to work on the video it's self. I'm a fast worker. Then the video should be up by the 22nd, which is Michael's birthday. Let's see what happens!
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