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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Michael's 50th B-Day Tribute

All INXS fans everywhere will be celebrating Michael's birthday today and tomorrow. Even INXS.com has a tribute up. Well, it is a milestone birthday. All the guys had something nice to say about Michael. Out of all of them, guess who's post I enjoyed the most? It's not who you'd think. Though his was nice indeed! Out of all of them, I liked C.M. Murphy's the most!! LOL! His post claimed he would love to say something nice and touching but (and I quote) "I'm still fucking pissed off at you for doing such a dumb thing, on purpose or not." HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Gotta love a man who is honest!!! Even in a situation such as this!!! :)

Honestly, I think a lot of people are pissed off at Michael for that. I know I was when I first heard the news. Then I wasn't, and then I was again. But one of my friends, who submitted a story to my video about Michael, exclaimed that she noticed how during the last tour, Michael just didn't seem to want to be there. Maybe he was emotionally drained. Up until I read her comment, I always thought Michael was a happy guy. He always seemed happy when he was performing. But when I saw him it was 1991, and I guess he didn't have all this drama in his life. I don't think back then he ever even thought of Paula as a soulmate. I heard a lot of rumors about how those two got together. I heard from some people that Paula stalked and harassed Michael until he felt he had to take her as a girlfriend. That's rather disturbing, though I don't know if it's true or not. Until I met Tim, I used to wish I had met Michael. I used to envy people who had met him. I think mostly because I would have had a chance to meet him up close and personal, but I didn't take it. But when I met Timmy, that faded out completely. Meeting him was a great experience. And at least I touched Michael! Good enough for me! If I remember correctly, the venue my friend and I went to was rather cozy. Not very big. But back then I was not brave enough to risk going around to the back of the building where the stage exit was to see if I could meet them. Neither was my friend. She was more of a realist because her boyfriend was also in a band. So she knew how that stuff works.

Ya know I wonder if her boyfriend's band ever made it out of their garage and small venues?? I haven't heard from this friend in ages so I don't know the latest news. hehe! Actually I still am not brave enough to hang out at the stage exit!! Every time I've met the guys, it's always been either by accident or when I was with a group of "professional rockstar stalkers". Took enough out of me to get up the guts to ask Timmy for a photo-op when I bumped into him in Seattle!!! I was afraid one of those big guards I saw earlier that day was going to crash me into the ground! Yet here I am thinking of turning this blog into a celebrity interview blog!! LOL! Well! It'd be better than what Perez Hilton turned his blog into. My idea is to basically let the celebs tell their stories, without rumors and gossip getting in the way. Wish me luck in that! I'm going to need it!! Many of them I've found are not that willing to talk about the matters that give rise to these rumors. Oh well. People like Perez ruin their reputations by talking about them the way he does.

Well, I wanted to take this time to show the video I made about Michael's 50th birthday celebration. I posted it up on the Facebook page, with the administrator's consent. I know a lot of people are afraid to say they enjoyed it (believe me, I know the politics going on behind the scenes among INXS fans nowadays) but really, the two most important people to me said they loved it, and that's all I care about!! I don't really care about anyone else. Those two are the ones I discussed in the video, who submitted material to me. I mean, it's cool if others did enjoy it, but the people who submitted really liked it and that's all that matters to me. As long as they liked it, I know I did good!! One of them even stated if Michael himself had seen it, he'd have loved it. He would have thought it was funny. I trust his word because he's met Michael more times than anyone else I know. Anyway, here's my video tribute to Michael:

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