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Friday, January 8, 2010

Most Shocking RnR Moments

I saw this last night on VH1. Well, I didn't catch the first episode. But when it got down to the final 3, I knew it was going to discuss rockstars who passed before their time. I thought for sure the death of Michael Hutchence was going to be in the #1 spot, but he wasn't. Now, when I hear the words "most shocking", I always think of something totally unexpected. Like it is very surprising that these events happened. Like it was the very last thing you expected that person would do. Well, guess who was in the #3 spot? Kurt Cobain. As if his death was some total surprise! Well, it wasn't to me! I knew back in 1992 he was going to kill himself someday. If a person is suicidal, you can see it in their eyes. No matter how much fun they seem to be having. When he did it 2 years later, I was totally UNsurprised!!!

Now, don't get me wrong, I like Nirvana. I'm as sad as anyone that Kurt killed himself. It's just that it was not a shocking moment for me because I knew it would happen sooner or later. I really thought Michael Hutchence was going to be in the #1 spot on that show. The announcer said that the #1 most shocking event in rock n roll history was so catastrophic most of us remember where we were when we heard the news. I kept thinking Michael Hutchence again! I remember exactly what was going through my mind down to the last millisecond!! But instead of Michael Hutchence, it was the death of Michael Jackson that took the #1 spot on the show. I was then thinking, "Yeah, I remember what I was doing when I heard the news, but I didn't think much of it. LOL!" That too was not a very shocking moment for me either. In fact, I was more shocked that it took so long for MJ to kick off!! All those plastic surgeries he had could not have been healthy! Plus he did drugs. I'm shocked he didn't die years ago!!

Michael Jackson had this habit of cancelling shows and tours because of his health. He seemed to always be too sick to perform. It was not at all surprising to me that now that he was planning this worldwide tour after several years of rest, that he'd pass away! While other people were saddened by Jacko's death, I was just sitting here thinking how shocked I was that it didn't happen sooner. That was the only thing shocking about his death!

Now, Michael Hutchence was a totally different story! I absolutely did not expect him to kill himself! He always looked so happy. I even recently saw a video of INXS's rehearsals in Sydney the day before Michael would kill himself, and even THEN he didn't look so sad!!! His death had to have been an accident or something, because Michael did not present the picture to me of someone who was looking to end it all. As strange as that may sound, I really thought Michael Hutchence was going to be around forever. Well! At least as long as INXS was around! I'm hoping either way that INXS continues going. Now I do remember what I was doing when I heard that news! I was on my computer, typing up my Metazoic checklist. I had just gotten my very first PC, after going with Mac and being frustrated because I couldn't get any Mac software. I somehow managed to have my list printed out and I was putting it onto my new PC. I had to start typing it all over again from scratch. Took me a week to finish it. Well! When you add up the days I spent typing that list, it comes to a week. Even though right in the middle of typing it was when I heard the news about Michael Hutchence and I stopped working on it for a few days to grieve.

You know, I have added some more to that checklist, but the copy I have today is the exact same one I was typing on at the time I heard the news about MH. And recently I decided to put it on my Metazoic site. I continually add to it too. I wanted to have at least 10,000 species of mammals before I am done. That would surely be a world dominated by mammals!! I still don't consider the list finished. In fact, someone on my Metazoic blog has suggested new ideas for mammals, I might give them a shot. I like some of them. They are mostly bats, but a world like that can never have too many bats! I have bats (mostly pteropods) dominating every niche that today is taken up by birds. I even have penguin-like pteropods that fly through the water, but their wings are totally useless for flying through the air. Unlike modern bats, most of these are active during the day.

But anyway, that's what I was doing when I heard the news about Michael. MY Michael!!! Michael Jackson I couldn't really care less about. He used to be cute and all, but he ruined himself with all those damn plastic surgeries!! By the time he was done, I didn't even want to look at his face anymore, he was so damned ugly!!! But I knew he was slowly killing himself. That kind of a lifestyle couldn't have been a very healthy one.
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