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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One Mystery Solved

Well, I hadn't heard from my sis Eva in a few months, usually she calls and comes over for the holidays to spend with family. I heard from her last night and she told me her kitty cat died. She said he was missing for a week and she and the kids went crazy trying to find him. Well, her youngest son found the cat under a bush and he was dead. She said he died of natural causes. Well, I'd think so, he was almost 20 years old! That's old for any animal. But I know how much Eva loves her cat, and I do feel bad for her. The kitty died right after Thanksgiving, so that is why I hadn't heard from her in months. She was crying a little bit when we spoke on the phone last night. I hope she never learns that I am writing this, she'd think others are thinking she's weak or something. Eva's had Mr. Muggles since before she was married, I remember when she got him, he was just a kitten and she answered an ad in the newspaper for free kittens. Eva didn't care that the kittens' background was unknown and the father was what we humans would call a "street-monger". She loved that cat because he was who he was. He was the kitten that came meowing to her when she went to view the litter for the first time. It was love at first sight, on both sides.

I'm not a cat person myself, I mean I would never have one unless it was really necessary. I've only had one I really loved, a siamese named Amadeus. I have trouble understanding why people like cats so much. But then I'm looking at the matter from the viewpoint of a dog lover. I don't know though. Kitty cats are real cute, and they can be funny. Almost like monkeys with far less agility. I asked some other cat fanciers what it is they like about them and that was what they told me. Eva's just the opposite of me, she likes cats but not really dogs. Well, she doesn't hate dogs, she plays with my dogs while she's here. But just as I wouldn't have a cat as a choice pet, she's the same about dogs. Now her family has a dog and no cat.

Well, in other news I was working on my Metazoic list. I have this goal that I want to have 100 new species of mammals on that list by the end of this week. When I first started the list back in 1995, I wanted to have 10,000 species of mammals by the year 2000. That didn't happen though. Thinking up a world dominated by mammals is not as easy as it sounds. Believe me! It takes a lot of thinking, tweaking and even eliminating to come up with future evolutionary paths. But I have thought of some new species, genera and even families this past week alone. For example, I now have antbird-like pteropods for both the old and new world, and mongoose-like opossums. I haven't made pics of them yet, but I will work on them soon. All I have now is the prototype for these. I am also trying to learn a little more about how to do 3D animations so I can add some little movies about each animal to my website. People love those. It's my way of thrusting myself into the new generation. I already learned one simple thing about 3D animation: what the A-key is!! LOL! That was embarrassing to say the least! Can you guess what it is? I did the wrong thing and was looking for a special A-key on the program. Well, I learn a little each day. It will give me something fun to do while I wait to begin building my bird and herp cages. I'm still getting vivarium ideas from YouTube. I even learned how to make a raining system, perfect for the jungle reptiles and birds.

Another thing, I found out why Lady Gaga's voice is so comforting. She may be a he! Well, I think the rumors say she's a hermaphrodite. I didn't even think about it until I saw one of my Facebook buddies discussing the matter with one of her friends. I checked it out on Google, seems there was a lot of talk about it a few months ago. So she's a he-she. One of the reasons I don't take well to female singers is they tend to screech when they sing. But strangely, Lady GaGa didn't. Oh well. At least that solves the mystery of that.
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