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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Perez At It Again!!

As if it's the only time, but now he is attacking Pete Wentz's little boy. That's pretty low when a person is so desperate for attention that they will attack someone's child. Wentz went off on Perez, but later apologized for the outburst. I said he didn't have to! In fact, like Will I Am, Wentz should have punched Perez in the face. I cannot really speak too harshly of Perez, I mean, I used to be where he is now. Perez is still young, so he has a lot of growing up to do. I'm trying to steer away from sarcastic attacks on people. Well, everyone except maybe myself. LOL! I mean, who can I laugh at, if not myself? Well, tonight on Twitter, I had nothing better to do, so I just added a shit-load of new people to follow. Now, I am following more than 500 people! Some of them I don't even like, like Brittney Spears! LOL!!! But she was on a list of suggested people to follow, so I added her too. My Twitter has been rather boring, so I added more people to follow just to spice it up. Before I added this load, I was only following 4 people. The most active of which was MC Hammer. LOL! Got a lot of tweets from him. I used to be a huge fan of his when I was a teenager, up into my very early 20s.

I cannot believe I completely forgot that yesterday was Martin Luther King, Jr's birthday!! I forgot until I tried to look for the mail man to arrive! When he didn't come at his usual time, I was thinking "Is today a holiday or something?" Then I remembered it is MLK Day today!!! UGH!! How the Hell can I forget that??? The man is my hero! If it weren't for him, I would not have been able to have the best friend I had all my life. I wouldn't have been able to go out with my first boyfriend. The man I almost married. Probably the only man I ever really wanted to marry!! The one I did marry he was  a good man too, I'm not saying he wasn't. But he was so fixed up in his work, I spent most nights alone, missing him. But anyway, I usually never forget MLK on his birthday.

Anyway, I don't think Wentz should have apologized but because he did, it makes him a better person. I think in some ways, Perez is worse than I ever was because he calls others names. He called Will I Am a faggot, which is so ironic, it's not even funny. I admit there are some people I still don't like, others I am glad are out of my life, but I would never call them names like Perez did! I mean, that's like me calling one of my former buddies (turned enemies), who weighs about 100 pounds, a "fatty"!! That's what Perez looked like to me in his video. Made me think a little more too. That was why I lost all respect I had for Perez. Of course to be honest, there was very little to begin with. I usually respect someone who is not afraid to speak their mind and go against what others believe is so. But Perez goes so far as to call names and draw penises on peoples' mouths. Sick!!! That's going WAY beyond what I believe is right.

I was watching a show last night about outcasts. It interested me because I've mostly been cast off by others. Not because of my job, or where I live, but for one reason only: Because I'm not afraid to speak my mind. Some are cast off because of disease, lack of worldly resources like the homeless, or because their jobs are not very glamorous. I don't really mind that I've lived as a cast-off. I've gotten accustomed to it over the years. I mean, after my Groucho died, I was very, severely depressed, but I was examined for psychological problems by experts and they found nothing mentally wrong with me. Though I don't like to admit it!!! I mean, I've spent years building up differences from the rest of society!! I don't really like to admit that I've been proven to be what others would call normal. Half of the people though who say I am wacky, weird, or insane, I've found only do so because I have my own points of view, the other half only say that because I've stated that I don't like them, or someone they are friends with. So I figured if that's what makes them believe that, then it's not such a bad thing to be labeled "crazy". Besides, writers and artists are typically labeled crazy anyway, and I like to consider myself both.

I'm still working on my MH video! I'm keeping the story submissions open until the 20th. After that, I simply must create the video. So far, I've gotten 2 submissions. I don't want to say anymore, in case I do get more between now and then.

Well this past week, I have made a new buddy on YouTube. Strange eh? I mostly gripe about people on Tube. Well, this meeting started out that way. Remember on my last video I said if I am approached nicely, I will be nice back. But if someone approaches me with hostility, don't expect me not to snap back! I commented on a video about Michael Jackson and this guy cussed me out because I said it was funny. Well, it was. Well, he said "F- you" to me and then one thing led to another. Well, this past weekend, we started actually talking civil to each other. He said he stopped cussing at me because he checked my profile and found out I was much older and he knew it was wrong to argue with an adult. I read that and I thought "Wow! He's a MUCH better teenager than most others on this site!" Most of them instigate the battle and then call me a 35 year old who likes to battle with 11 or 16 year olds!! If those people would watch my latest video on YouTube, they'd know that's not the case at all. But I'll tell you, when I was 11 and 16, if I ever said to an older person what half these teens on YouTube say to me, my ma would have killed me!!! I partly blame the parents, but I also blame the things kids today are exposed to. But this guy, he was raised well. I admire that. Well, he apologized and I forgave him and now we are friends. I also apologized for blowing up at him the way I did. The very thing I am working toward trying to keep from doing! I don't like blowing up at kids on the internet. Believe me!! See, I need a lot of work still.
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