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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Puss Meets Puss

Perez Hilton is by now pretty famous. He's famous for writing gossip and insulting remarks about celebrities. He believes that once you become famous, you pretty much give up your right to a private life. To some extent that is true. But there are moments when even celebs should be able to keep only among themselves or close friends and relatives. I'm all for that myself! But Perez is like the Catsredrum of the celebrity world. He tells half-truths and likes to insult people. Well, it finally caught up with him in the summer of 2009, when he insulted Black Eyed Peas's Will I Am on his column. Will punched Perez in the face. Well, Perez, doing the kind of thing he has become famous for, should have seen that coming sooner or later. I was referred to this video tonight on YouTube. A couple of things stood out. One, Perez says he can take the heat. Well, he cannot apparently if he's going to call Will I Am a faggot and gay and shit like that. And two, the fact that Perez called anyone gay in the first place as a way to insult that person. Since he is openly gay himself, I find that a little appalling! Sort of like the pot calling the kettle black.

Now, in normal circumstances, I'd prefer the person I insulted to confront me themselves rather than get their friends involved. Because I'm just not going to speak to a friend, and just tell them to mind their own business! If I insult someone, that someone can confront me themselves if they don't like what I say, and then we can go from there. I'm not an unreasonable woman. I am also not violent. Not unless I am provoked, cornered, threatened, or if someone strikes me first, but in those cases, it is considered self-defense. But most of the time, I don't use violence. I prefer to treat everyone with respect. I'm getting better about keeping my cool, even on YouTube. I've become rather proud of myself for doing so. Ya know, it feels so much better to treat everyone with respect rather than just jump on them and tear them apart. I usually always try to respect others, even before. But it was always so hard to when the other person just keeps doing shit to make you lose respect for them! That is frustrating!!! But I am getting better and better at it. But here's a video I did about the people's attitudes on YouTube:

Well, Perez is still young. Young people have a knack for being hateful whenever possible. Believe me when I say I know how they are! It's when you get older (usually around 35 years old, but some people don't mature until later) that you realize it's better to just turn the other cheek and leave the name-calling out of the situation because it only makes things worse. I don't consider myself mature, but I don't go around calling people names just because I don't agree with them or their lifestyles. Well! I may call someone a jerk, but how serious is that as opposed to calling someone a motherfucker or an idiot or something like that? I'm definitely the tamest person you're ever going to encounter on YouTube. Believe me, I've seen it all on there! I even made a video about the dumbasses on YouTube!! Check it out above! Sometimes I just cannot believe the amount of unwarranted attacks that go on on that site between members! I've gotten to a point where when I feel there is nothing left to say, I just don't even open comments someone from that thread makes to me! I've said my piece, no one is going to make me change my mind, so there is nothing left to say! So when I get a notice in my inbox that someone from that thread has responded to me, I just delete the notice, unopened! It's better than getting into a long, hot-blooded battle that is going to lead to the other person senselessly calling me names and shit that isn't going to do them the least bit of good because I have my own views, and I prefer to be different.

Well, this is part of Perez's video blog he made in response to Will I Am's actions on that fateful night:

You can view the rest of his video at this link:

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