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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Return of Dustin Grey

Anna calls him Disgustingrey, LOL! Anyway, it's back! The invasion of the mutant bastards. The one thing I remember vividly about this guy was how he said he likes to drag little dogs and cats behind his car. The future Michael Vick. Well, he commented on my video about YouTube, initially saying "I knew you were a fat bitch!" Then he proceeded to say I weigh 400+ pounds. LOL! I've never been 400 pounds in my life. The most I weighed was 300. But now, I have lost 40 pounds. This drinking a lot of water really works!! I noticed my metabolism is getting faster too. I am also more motivated to move faster as well. But I didn't tell him any of that because I really do not care what he thinks. So I just let him go on thinking that I am gaining weight instead of losing. Frankly, I'm not even trying to lose weight!! It's just happening because of my daily 3-mile walks and drinking a lot of water. Someone even told me to squeeze some lemon juice in the water to flush out the impurities in my body. I see myself in the mirror and notice that I am looking somewhat thinner. But that's something Dustingrey will never know about. I have the feeling that Dustingrey is one of those types that even if I weighed 100 pounds (like I used to) he'd still say I was fat anyway just because that is his mindset. To him, "fat" isn't about weight, it's solely based on attitude with him. And since I don't like him, he thinks I have a bad attitude. So, who cares. :)

Well anyway, after he posted on my video thread, I went to his channel and saw his video for his band. If you can call it a band. Personally, I think he sounds crummy, and he looks like a cross between a chicken and a goat. And he had the nerve to say Michael Hutchence is a faggot and implies he had no talent. So, I trolled him, and I know I got to him. Not only did Dustingrey come back after I haven't even seen or thought about him in something like 9 months, he went to his forum and got all his friends to fight his battle for him. All 3 of them. hehe! He only has 3 friends in the world because he's an animal abuser who likes to be an asshole. All this, he's admitted himself. And his friends are all like him, all 3 of them. They are all the scums of society.  One of them is named Krisi, another calls himself iamgod, and the third calls himself cynikal. There, that's Dustingrey's whole phone list there.

Well, he and his friends thought they could entice me with a burger, and making fun of me eating. But I just sat back and let their little tirade fly right over my head. Correcting their errors along the way. I think they were thinking I was going to lose it all, but I didn't. I remained calm and smiled. I'm not really the best person to fight with, I'm not that great a fighter online. That's because there are 3 things I will never do, that it seems most other people, like Dustingrey and his 3 friends, always turn to doing:

1. I never stoop to homosexual jokes.
2. I never make fun of anything I myself can be accused of.
3. I never cuss.

Especially #3! Cussing shows a person's weakness, not strength. I prefer to maintain a strong and confident appearance. Well, I let them go on and on, until my video was flooded with comments from them about my size, and how I talk. Oh you've got to see this comment by Dustingrey! He says:

"Hahaha, can't you just see her fat ass saying this in one of her videos?
"Are theyyyy jes repeating what they saw on TELEVISION?! *weeze*" "
Yeah, Dustin Grey would know all about weezing! He does it a lot when he sings. :) LOL!! Well anyway, I let them go on, and I just sat back and watched them try unsuccessfully to make me feel bad, all with a big, bright smile on my face. hehe! Funny how some people try so hard at things like that, and you can tell when they are too. Well, I let them go until I got an interesting PM from someone who actually knows them. This person informed me that Dustingrey and his friends are so sociologically damaged, it's crazy. I agree with this person too! I've seen people who are sociologically damaged (used to see them all the time when I used to go to dog shows) and they have exactly the same attitude as Dustingrey and his friends do. I told his friends that Dustingrey admitted he likes to hurt small dogs and cats, and they didn't believe me. They said I was lying. I told them I didn't lie. Then I told them to ask him themselves. And if he says no, I didn't say that, to check out the last video I had a conversation with him in, titled Simon's Sister's Dog. They'd have to go back quite a few months, but it's all there, all laid out. Bet they still think he's a sweet, innocent victim and I'm just picking on him for no reason. Well, when I got that PM, I immediately went and blocked Dustingrey and his friends. That first round, only Krisi and iamgod were trying to battle with me. Then later, I noticed was when cynikal came in and fought for Dustingrey. Cynikal was the same one who, on Simon's Sister's Dog's video, told me I was acting childish. I knew Dustingrey was going to bring his friends in to fight his battle for him!! He did it before on the last video thread I was with him on. So, it was no surprise at all when he herded all his stupid friends to my video to try and take me down. He claims it wasn't like that at all, but I didn't believe it for a second!!!
Well, this was cynikal's one and only post on my video. Once you get past the grammatical and spelling errors, you'll notice that the message is basically lacking in this post:
"The fuck is this shit? Get a life and maybe you should reconsider next time you decide to do a whiny, annoying ten minute video. Instead, go to the gym for an hour. Make sure you hit up that McDonald's on the way home, though.
By the way, I'm a teenager. You should probably talk shit to me now since you hate teenagers and because I am being "hostile" and "nasty" towards you. Also, I have guns and rifles.
Let's go get some burgers. "
And this was my response to him:
"LOL! Another one of Dustingrey's stupid friends rushing to his aid!! LOL! I also have a rifle, friend. Make my day!
EWW!! I hate McDonald's!!! If you go there, you can go there by yourself. I'd rather starve. "
To which I also added this final footnote to this guy:
"BTW, I had to block your friends because I got a PM saying they are sociologically damaged. I can't have people like that on my videos. So if anymore of Dustingrey's friends come here, rushing to his aid, they too will be blocked, and from this point on, their comments deleted. The World can do well without your kind. :) "
I haven't heard from any of Dustingrey's friends since. But since this last post, I also added a new feature to my video threads, all comments must be approved by me. And I am no longer going to approve any of Dustingrey's comments. Not till he gets some help anyway. People like him, I always pray for. They may not like it, or think they may not need it, but they've got it anyway. But karma can be a bitch too. And I have the feeling it'll hit Dustin, or one of his friends, very hard one day. But again, why tell them that?? LOL! Sometimes it is just better to let things happen as you go along. But when his time comes, I sure do hope to hear about it!! Apparently he is this way with everyone he meets, which I suppose is why he only has 3 friends, and all of them are shitty people. People I would NEVER want as a friend!! I won't approve any of his friends' comments either. And believe me, I'll know his friends when I see them. Remember my magical powers. And I don't mean sitting on something and making it disappear! hehe! I just have the knack for knowing. As payback, I should troll him for the next 9 months!! Or until I get down to 100 pounds again, whichever comes first. LOL!!!
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