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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Who Controls the Money?

I haven't spoke of Nadia Suleman on here in a long time, but from what I understand, she is in control of the money she is making off her children. I can only hope she is controlling it responsibly. But really, it's none of anyone's business how she spends it. As long as she is taking care of her children. But one person, Paul Peterson, wants to make it his business. He wanted to get a petition in order to have an independant guardian take care of Suleman's finances. Well, the judge told Peterson to drop the matter, calling it an "unprecedented meritless effort by a stranger". Basically he was telling Peterson to mind his own damn business!! LOL!

It's not unprecedented! I remember Catsredrum and Netrage had plotted to do that with me once before, the year my sisters gave me the meet and greet with INXS for my birthday. They didn't follow through with it though. Because really, what I do with INXS is none of their business. If they had ever matured, they would have realized that. I'm sure if they would have tried, the judge would have told them the same thing! I mean, I don't know them! They don't know me! They have no clue how I interact with INXS. But they wanted to think they knew. But honestly nothing pisses me off more than someone poking their noses into business that is not their's to begin with! I don't know who Paul Peterson is, and I'm not crazy about Suleman profiting off her kids, but Peterson really needs to back off!!

All that said, I still think Suleman is too dumb to raise kids! At least she was when the newest kids were newborns. Which is why I hope to GOD she has grown up and is starting to use her brains that have been lying dormant all that time, and is controlling the finances responsibly. May be too much to hope for now, but for the sake of the kids, I hope it's true!!
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