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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Will.I.Am's Response

Anna and I were talking last night and she remembers my post about Perez Hilton's encounter with Black Eyed Peas performer, Will I Am. She wanted to hear his side of the story. Well, I found it. Actually there are 2 videos where Will I Am responds to Perez's video. As opposed to Perez continuing to call Will I Am and Fergie things like "fuggly", and "cowards" and "faggots" and "gay", the latter two of which I still think is very ironic, Will I Am handled his end pretty well!! He didn't call Perez names at all. Not even called him a jerk. I was impressed with how he handled it considering Perez called him every name in the book! He's not even asking Perez to respect him! He's just cool with it all.

Though I never really know how I personally would react in a situation like that, I'd never call anyone names like how Perez did! And I honestly don't know how come the Black-Eyed Peas's manager was the one who struck Perez instead of Will I Am. Or even why he did it in the first place! It's all beyond me! But then I will never understand today's young people. Most of the youngsters today are much worse than I ever remember them being before! Now, I would fully expect a 3-year old to threaten me with a gun and carry it out! LOL! There is no such thing as an innocent child anymore. And every time I hear someone say something like that, I cringe, and say there is no such thing anymore. That species has gone extinct! I saw a video on YouTube about a group of high school kids of Arab descent who wore t-shirts depicting the destruction of the Twin Towers buildings by a thunderbird, which is their school's mascot. And underneath the picture it read "You cannot bring us down". A lot of people found that offensive! In a way so did I. But at the same time, I have seen worse kids out there, and it is because what kids today are exposed to. I mean, compare that to when I was a kid, 20 years ago, there is a BIG difference!! When I was a kid, there were very few anime-type cartoons, now, there are many all over the damn place!! And they all glorify violence and hostility. There are video games that do pretty much the same. Then there is Elmo all over Sesame Street, and I said it before and I'll say it again, he can drive even the most level-headed person insane!!! Also that dumb rap music that also promotes violence and rude behavior! People tend to want to blame the parents, but you can't always blame the parents!! Parents spend so little time with their own kids now that most of them are probably not even aware that their kids are becoming bad seeds!

Now, I am not saying I never saw my share of bad kids when I was growing up. They just seemed to be fewer and farther between when I was younger! The worst kid I ever met, until I was 19, was a little boy named Joel, whose best friend was the youngest brother of my sister's boyfriend. Joel was not only the worst kid I ever met at that time, he was NUTS!!! He used to bark like a dog and he would call himself a chihuahua. I think he had a lot of screws loose, but back then, he was a one in a million type of kid. It was rare back then to find a kid that bad. Last time I saw him was in 1986, and he was about 8 years old then. If he were still around today, he'd fit right in with the kids I've seen running around now. Though I don't know about the barking thing and him thinking he was a chihuahua. LOL! I mean, I know kids tend to do strange things, but that was too far off, even for a child's normal behavior!!!

Kids today are even worse than that! MUCH worse! And I blame it on what kids today are exposed to. Especially the Anime cartoons that promote rude behavior and violence. And people wonder why I hate anime so much. Last week, I had it out with a girl whose favorite show is Sailor Moon, another anime cartoon that most likely promotes rudeness. She started the battle and then kept instigating it, and then she turned around with her tail between her legs and accused me of feeling bigger by fighting with a 16-year old, which she claimed was herself. But she's not! Her profile says she is 38! She's older than me!! And YouTube does allow 16 year olds to post. I just told her "Don't use your age as an excuse for your rude behavior!!" She answered "I am not using my age as an excuse!" I reminded her that she is, and she still kept instigating the fight! But I kept my head, as promised. She called me every name in the book, but I kept my cool and didn't call her any names at all! :) Now for that reason, yes I am proud of myself!! I wasn't fighting her at all. She said I abuse my animals, just because I hate cougars (typical panther-lover!) and I just responded. My animals are well-loved. Minnie may need work because of where she came from, but she's doing better. But heck! I don't need to prove nothing to her. Her last message to me was demanding that I send her a PM to keep the battle going. I just said to her "Me? PM you? Surely you jest!!" I told her I only PM my equals and better. That was thankfully the last time I heard from her. Hopefully I won't hear from her again, but I am ready if I do.

Anyway, here is Will I Am's response to Perez's accusations. I think he handled himself very gracefully compared to Perez's little shit-fit!

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