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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Andrew Koenig Found Dead

It's true!! The child actor of Growing Pains was missing in Vancouver BC for some time. Police and rescue teams have been searching for him for a week. Well, he was found today in a rather remote forest where he usually liked to retreat to, after having killed himself. I don't know the guy, but I'll tell you his story is no different than any other child star story. As sad as I am to hear this news, I mean no death is a picnic, this is how a lot of child stars end up. Either dead at an early age or imprisoned. My sis says it's because as adults, they usually realize their glory days of stardom are over. As adults they are usually not wanted in movies or any other TV shows. Not all of them get rejected though. Look at Melissa Gilbert. She was still in movies and on TV even after she became an adult. Granted they were low-budget movies.

Well anyway, my prayers go out to Koenig's family. May GOD give them strength in this horrible time of loss.

Speaking of losses, UMG Productions is going to be down for a while. We're experiencing some technical difficulties at the moment. The site will be up again just as soon as we can get these problems resolved.
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