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Friday, February 5, 2010

Everything Is OK!

JD is still with INXS!! I knew it! And the naysayers dogged me for that. But keep on doing it dudes! I was right all along and you all can go on thinking what you want to. I knew all along everything was going to be OK. I didn't believe JD spit in INXS's face. I believed all along it was a misunderstanding. They'll all be dogging on the other side of their faces when they see JD singing on stage. Maybe they won't be there, but I will for sure.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not a JD fan at all! I met him before and I thought he was very nice, and he is a great singer. But compared to how I feel about the other guys, most of them anyway, JD is not up there among my favorite band members. He's just above Kirk on that list in fact. My thing was I just didn't want to see INXS break up in that way. JD worked so hard to get where he was with the band. Now, I know they've gotten that angry with Michael before, and they never booted him out. INXS just doesn't seem to me like the kind of band that would give up just like that. I knew everything would be worked out and things would go back to normal. I told you all, I have a knack for knowing. Maybe next time, they'll believe me when I say something like that. But I think it just shows these peoples' weakness. They all reacted to the JD Fortune situation the way they react to everything in life; when it doesn't go their way, they shit on it. They need to all learn about a little thing called forgiveness. I did! And I am getting better at it every day. I've even forgiven them. Here's some steps to learning to forgive and forget:

1) Make peace with GOD. I don't want to sound preachy, but believe me, it works!! Whoever your god is. My god is the Lord Almighty, and HE is forgiving.

2) Make peace with yourself. Feel secure in yourself, soon you realize what others do to you, to try and make you feel bad, is very insignificant. Which brings me to #3.

3) Understand what is important in your life. Many battles between parties are for minor, little things. Grudges are usually held for minor things. Once we let go of the minor things, we can happily move on and forgive those around us.

4) Instead of assuming we know what someone means to say or do, ask them if that was what they intended. One of my biggest philosophies in life is you never know anything for sure unless you ASK. JD apparently said something that offended INXS's manager, but JD was misunderstood, and clarified what he said was not meant the way it was taken by the manager. INXS were good enough to confront JD and ask him instead of just dissing him off the bat. I wish CM had thought of that before he dissed JD.

I'm not crazy about JD, but I saw this grudge between him and INXS as a minor thing. A total misunderstanding. And that's all it was to me. GOD chooses our paths in life when HE creates us. We may not understand it for a long time, but the pattern is all laid out and eventually becomes apparent. I'm in this world just holding HIS hand, and letting HIM lead the way. I've gone down some roads I know I shouldn't have, but I know GOD does not lead us anywhere we were not meant to be. HE won't bring people into my life who would have no effect in shaping me into the person HE wants me to be. Some people have been good, some have been bad. The good people made me feel good about myself, the bad people made me stronger. I don't even get mad at people on the internet anymore. Well, Dustin Grey was the exception, but he's sick in the head and loves to hurt little dogs and cats by dragging them behind his car. But even people like him have a purpose. Dustingrey has taught me to be nicer to people, because I don't want to end up like him, with nothing but crappy friends, drug addicts, and animal abusers. I have a lot of wonderful buddies online and in real life. All are caring people. Well!! Katrina drinks beer, but she's a loving person. She's caring and considerate. I wish she had a Facebook account! Everyone else in my family does! Katrina's almost family. But I'm beginning to enjoy Facebook, I have a lot of good buddies on there and the list gets longer every day! I've even made some friends on YouTube.

I have lost some buddies along the way, I've had people delete me many times. When I first got started in this bit it kinda worried me because there's so many rumors going around the INXS community, and you know some people are going to believe those rumors. But I've come to peace with myself. One person on Facebook I fully expected to run away when she did. That one, I was more shocked she'd even ask to become my friend in the first place, she's such a follower!! I don't like followers! They're spineless people. A few more people, I didn't even really know them so it had no impact on me at all. Now, I just say "so long! Been nice 'knowing' you!" hehe! There was another one who got pissed at me because I said the inxs.com mods are a bunch of pussies. WELL!!!! It's true!!! I was sorry about how she felt, but it was true! It couldn't be denied when they started deleting peoples' posts because it caused a little bit of fury on the forums. Face it, people are going to get frustrated when someone has a different point of view from their's. That's no cause to delete their posts. The people I love most of all are those who go beyond the rumors going around about someone and get to know that person for themselves. All my friends say I'm a very kind person. I always try to be kind. Anyone who says different obviously has not gotten to know me at all.

It is unbelievable though. I never thought adults suffered from peer-pressure, but there are quite a few who do. But hey! It's cool. Some people hate it when others are kind to them. We can't please everyone. And what others think of me is really none of my business and not my problem. Like me or hate me for who I am! :) Those are the conditions that lead you toward forgiveness.
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