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Monday, February 15, 2010

Fans In An Uproar

And I am among them. Yesterday it was suggested that the INXS fans who want JD Fortune back join the Facebook group for Petrol Electric and tell Chris Murphy that we want JD back!! I'm so hoping it works out! I hope CM is the one who is actually reading that page and it not be just some third party individual. CM was always portrayed by the band as a strong leader, and I am sure he is. Strong enough I hope to listen to what the fans have to say and take it to heart. One person started a thread to tell CM what we think and we all hope it works. Murphy needs to listen for a change. I know JD did something disrespectful, but don't we all at one point. One of my friends is saying that if INXS is dogging JD because of his drug addiction, then that makes them all hypocrites. I just said to this friend that people are hypocrites. No matter how hard we try not to be, all people are hypocrites. I think it's human nature. I've learned to accept hypocrites where I used to hate them. Ever since this one person accused me of being a hypocrite, whereas I simply called it a change for the better. Then I said to myself, "Hm. If this is what hypocrisy is, then I guess all humans can be accused of it." Especially those of us who want to change.

Well, I really do hope we can reach Chris Murphy with this campaign. I personally have nothing against the man, but dumping JD was a bad mistake. We all make mistakes, we must learn from them. LORD knows I have!!! I've made quite a few mistakes in my day, but I always learned from them. I'm so strong-willed though, I'll push myself to the limit before I learn the lesson. I'm strong though, I can take it. hehe! I get stronger every day too. If it is CM looking in on that page, hopefully he will take notice that the INXS fans (the ones who buy the CDs and concert tickets) want some consistency with the band. Settle on a lead singer, please! I said it in my last post, and on that page. That's all I want, is for INXS to settle on who is going to do the singing. It'd be nice if INXS could continue to make albums and tour the world, and the only way they can do that is if they have a lead singer. No JD = no Timmy. And that would upset me as a fan. The only other band for me who could take INXS's place after they are gone would be the Lovehammers. I'm already looking well at Dino. :)

Speaking of other bands, I learned about a group called HIM yesterday. I thought it was an abbreviation for something else, and I didn't recognize the name. I still don't know them. But one of my buddy's children is a big fan. If she got to meet him, I am happy for her. I looked for a picture online of Ville Valo. I didn't want to say anything directly to this friend, because I didn't want to hurt her little girl's feelings. But when I saw him, all I could say is YUUUUUUUUUUK!!!! IMO, Ville is one fuggly dude! But, on the other hand, she said he has a good heart and that's really all that counts. Anyway, I was happy her little girl got to see him live and he smiled at her. I'm sure she is ecstatic!! I'm the same when I see Tim and he smiles at me.

Well, anyway, I urge all INXS fans to join this campaign. The Facebook page for Petrol Electric is http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Petrol-Electric/255257813741?ref=mf. Write to this guy and tell him we want JD back as the lead singer, and tell him why.
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