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Sunday, February 14, 2010

INXS Hoping For Better Fortune

According to this article, JD will ONLY join INXS in one performance. When they go on tour, their real tour, they will be joined by other singers. So what does this mean? Well, I knew I was right about INXS bringing JD back officially. But for just this show. So who is going to do the singing on the rest of the tour? I looked over some of the other fans' comments and they believe INXS are only using JD for this concert because he is Canadian, and the organizers of the Olympics in BC feels that JD will draw back the Canadian crowd with his presence alone. Meaning Canadians really stick together. So who is going to front the band?? Kirk cannot do it! He has to toot. He can't do both, he's not Superman!

Another fan made a very valid point that other singers are not going to give up their groups and their careers to follow INXS and sing on their next tour. Michael. You are definitely needed now. You must come back!! Unfortunately no amount of crying, wishing or hoping is going to bring him back. Those were my same words when my Groucho died!!! I never got her back, but Vegas is a very close and sure-fire substitute. JD was a very good substitute for Michael. When I heard JD sing that first night in Seattle, I couldn't tell his voice apart from Michael's. He sounded just like him. Now, believe me I am still not a JD fan. I really couldn't care less who sings myself. The concerts I am going to go to, I only care if I get to see Tim performing on stage. If Tim decides not to show up, I'll hound the staff until I get my money back!!! I hardly paid much attention to who sings. As long as the words were there and I got to see Timmy, that was enough. But truly, for that unique INXS sound, JD was the right pick.

This was the point in time I agreed with that Christian Cameron guy. INXS needs to put up or shut up now. Though I don't mean to really shit on them like he did!!! I still LOVE these guys with every ounce of my being. But the point in that phrase was well received. I just want INXS to settle on ONE lead singer and go with that one for as long as they intend to carry on their musical careers! That's all I am asking!! I don't care if they go back to JD, or if they swipe Brandon Flowers, Rob Thomas or Todd Rundgren for all I care!! Just PLEASE!!!!!!!! Settle on SOME ONE!!!!!!! And please be consistent. I want to see the whole INXS again. I loved those guys. With or without JD I still loved them. Well! Jon Stevens was a damn joke!!! And he totally lacked sexual appeal. But like I said, I don't care who sings. Just please settle on someone. On INXS's Facebook site, JD is still listed as the lead singer, and I don't know why. Is that the mistake that was made by the person who does their computer stuff?? Then maybe he needs to be the one who is more consistent. Ya know when things change for our company, or when I put erroneous information up for my site, when I (or one of my co-workers) discovers it, I change it immediately! I don't leave it up to confuse anyone. The one in charge of doing INXS's online work needs to be aware of the information he is putting out there. He needs to update it as fast as he can. Any time new info comes up, the band needs to say "I want this put on the site, pronto!!" At least update Facebook!

Anyway, here is the article:


INXS hoping frontman brings better Fortune

From: The Daily Telegraph February 15, 2010 12:00AM

WHILE many wonder why INXS just won't call it a day the onetime supergroup are preparing for the first show of their planned comeback tour - with their dumped former Canadian singer J. D. Fortune to front the band.
Fortune famously dumped on the group a year ago when he was broke and living in his car after claiming INXS sacked him with no explanation at Hong Kong Airport the year before.
The two sides had a brief war of words, with Fortune's bitterness and INXS's ambivalence towards his plight suggesting the relationship was beyond repair.
But it has now been confirmed the band have invited Fortune to front them for one night only on February 24 when they play a sold-out show in Vancouver as part of the Winter Olympics concert series.
The news has been well received in Canada, and the show will be the first in a planned tour off the back of the band's upcoming album release.
But a spokesperson for the band said it would be a one-night stand for Fortune, with other singers being considered for the later tour - indicating the tour plans have been put back, as the band had earlier indicated Vancouver would be the first of a series of shows.
Fortune joined the band after winning the 2005 reality show Rockstar: INXS and recorded an album with them which featured the hit single Pretty Vegas.

So now another question is brought up, who owns the rights to Pretty Vegas??? Is it JD Fortune? Or INXS?
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