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Monday, February 1, 2010

Just to Inform Everyone

I reached my goal of 100 new species in Metazoica! In fact, I did better than that, I doubled it! I reached 200 new species!! In fact, I think now it can be counted at 201 new species! I also have my Facebook and MySpace friends to thank for that. I even named some species after people who have removed me now. But hey! That's OK. I just thanked them for the use of their names and said good bye! hehe! I don't even know who they were, I have quite a few buddies now, and I communicate with a lot of them. I just noticed there were a couple of buddies missing from my friends list today. But if I didn't even know who they are, then it's not important.

But anyway, the most important thing now is I have 200 new species on my Metazoic list. It's awesome!!! Today was a very nice day, so Anna and I went to the ocean and walked down the sand. I also made a film about it, it also celebrates those of us fat people who can break the stereotypes that people have about fat people. Yes, in a way it was inspired by Dustingrey and his dim-witted friends. But he is not the only one who thinks that all fat people do nothing but sit around the house and eat truckloads of food. All skinny people think that, who've never been fat before. Or people who are really fat because they ate too much. But I am among the lower 5% or so who is only fat because of illness. I eat no different now than I did when I weighed 100 pounds. I skip no meals for sure. But then, that is not a good thing if you are trying to lose weight. It is important to eat all 3 meals per day. People think that skipping meals is the only way to lose weight, but it isn't. Any dietician will tell you so. You may lose weight that way, but you will gain it all back. It isn't what you eat, but how you eat it. And it is important to work out afterwords.

That is the philosophy I live by. Well, this little film I made is a celebration of those of us who are fat and can still get around and break the stereotypes. This is Anna and I going on one of my daily walks. I save going to the ocean for sunny, warm days like today was. On overcast days, or cooler days, I usually just go on my walk through the nearby neighborhoods. On rainy days, I just stay home and do crunches.

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