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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pure Ecstacy!!!

I just found out that INXS.com is going to be back. I am a very happy camper now!!! I cannot wait! Am I going to join again? Maybe. Will I be an active member again? I have no clue! If they are going to have a forum again, I want to know who is going to be moderating. I like Drumbaby a lot, but I just wish she wasn't so sensitive when it comes to moderating the posts. A little rebellion isn't going to hurt anyone. If all the posts on the forum were to be nothing more than a kumbaya love fest, it'd be pretty damn boring!!! I'm just stating facts here. As long as the person isn't specifically targeting any one person, the way Catsredrum and the rest of her delusional dim-wit friends do, I say there is no harm in having a debate on the forum. But personal battles probably should be taken to PMs. But if certain people are going to moderate the forum again, I will not become an active member. One of them, last time I checked, still lives in this state and I don't want her to find my house and possibly poison another one of my dogs again! That's also one of the main reasons I will not join any INXS forums. Because I know this person and the mods are siding together, and I'm pretty sure they would be more than happy to share my personal info with her. So, before I'd make a single post on that forum on INXS.com, I'd want to know who is moderating. If it's someone I don't trust, I won't post at all. If I have no idea at all who is moderating, I won't post at all. Simple as that! If the site has blogs again, I might just use them. Maybe. I feel safer here though.

This reminds me of the Biblical book of Revelations. LOL!! Well, as of this typing, inxs.com will be back again in 34 days, 20 hours, 19 minutes and 21 seconds! LOL! They have it all pinpointed to the last second! This is so exciting! I cannot wait to see these guys again. I heard their concert in BC really rocked! As they always do in my opinion. I saw a pic of Timmy this morning. Is he going back for that mullet look? His hair was standing on end. Timmy, please!! Let that hair grow!! I love it long! :D No matter what he still looks good to me. I cannot wait to gaze into his magnificent eyes again. I cannot even begin to describe how I felt seeing a new pic of him today! I realized, I miss him more than I first thought. I can't wait till they go back on tour, I just hope I'm not too busy to go to a few concerts. With my cages being built and Anna moving to the dorm at MSU. I hope she can stay there. She had trouble at the dorms in Yellowstone. She snores too loudly, so they almost kicked her out of there. When we were bunking in a room together in Bozeman last year, I didn't hear her snoring. But then again, I am a sound sleeper! An earthquake couldn't wake me up. Also, there is a reptile expo I want to try and make it to in Anneheim, CA. Not sure why I want to go! Most everybody there is probably going to be selling nothing but man-made mutated reptiles!! It'd be a big disappointment and waste of my time because I prefer the natural colors. Sometimes though I like to take my chances.

Well, in other news, did anyone hear about the SeaWorld worker who was killed by a killer whale??? I did! The trainer's name was Dawn Brancheau, and some say she was taken underwater and violently shaken. Others say she was simply drowned. This is so uncharacteristic of killer whales!! I remember hearing of 2 other incidents where killer whales have actually killed humans. The first was in 1991. The second was in 2000. And now, 10 years later, another trainer is killed by an overamorous orca!! I wonder if this really is signaling the end of the world because now I am noticing animals are not acting like they used to. I can remember polar bears used to never attack adult walrus. Lions never used to hunt elephants. Killer whales never used to hunt people. Killer whales are intelligent too! They should be able to know the trainer is a friend. Well, SeaWorld said they are going to keep working with this whale, even though it attacked someone already and killed them. I'm not so sure that's a very good idea. If the whale killed once, more than likely it'll do it again. Not the best idea to allow people to work with it again. But that's just my opinion. My prayers are with the family of this worker.

I knew this would happen! PETA is having a field day with this news!!! As usual, they want to close Sea World and turn it into a simple sanctuary for marine animals. All the stupid celebs that also support PETA are getting in on the act. I wonder if the celebs that support PETA are in any way aware of their "sea kittens" campaign?? Maybe not. Because I'd think if they were, that would have made them stop supporting, knowing how stupid it makes them look to support an organization that creates such dumb ideas. PETA seems to think it's GOD or something. LOL! Wanna hear what one stupid celeb PETA supporter is doing about this? There seems to be no remorse for the worker who was killed, they blame it on the people. Anyway, read this article. I advise no one to sign this idiot's petition!! It won't do no good! Zoos are educational places for people to see and learn about wild animals. Just turning it into a sanctuary is not going to help the animals at all. PETA is using celebs to get out their stupid campaigns and it only proves that these celebrity supporters are at least as dumb as PETA is!! I left a comment saying such.
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