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Thursday, February 4, 2010

RIP Pepper

OK, I am PISSED!!!!! I saw this video, I probably never would have known about it had I not heard FatRants discuss it on YouTube. Having seen it now, I wish I hadn't heard of it. Some sick teenage bastards throw a poor, innocent little dog off the side of a bridge. I like this FatRants person, she seems pretty cool. She rants about world issues and she does it in a way that is fricken hilarious!!! But I felt her anger toward these brats. As you know, I have 3 little dogs, and I love them a lot! They are my children. To lose one in my world is the ultimate downfall. People who know me knew how broken up I was when I lost my Groucho, I felt like I couldn't go on. Of course I did, but when it happened, I felt like I couldn't, and nothing could snap me out of that. Until I got Minnie. Minnie has helped me considerably in getting along without Groucho. I've learned in the past few months not to say "get over her", as that seems a bit out of line, since I will never "get over" losing her. You never get over losing a pet, you just learn to get along without them.

But anyway, ever since I've lost Groucho, I have been especially sensitive to people abusing dogs. Cats I really couldn't care less about (and I'm not saying I would abuse a cat), but dogs I've been especially sensitive too since I lost Groucho. And when I saw these shit-wits throw that poor dog off that bridge, it literally made me SICK!!!!! Then to hear the poor dog howl in pain when it hit the ground, it tore my heart out! Then for these stupid kids to film the whole thing, and laugh heartily as the poor dog was whimpering in pain, I was disgusted and pissed at the same time. You could just imagine what I felt. All those old feelings of what happened to my Groucho and how someone heartlessly poisoned her, it all just came back to me. I wished the worst for those kids. I wanted to take them to the highest and scariest bridge I could think of and throw them off, filming the whole thing, and laugh when they hit the ground, screaming and writhing in pain. I would do it too if 1) I lived in the same country; 2) I wasn't GOD-fearing; and 3) if I didn't know any better.

The dog, named Pepper, did survive the fall initially and was taken to a vet and treated, but he died 2 days later. That's why I say RIP Pepper. At least he is completely out of pain now. But the fact it happened at all just pisses me off!! If the World were a better place, Pepper would have survived and the kids would get to serve YEARS in prison. But they only got 10 months, which I think is WAY too lenient!! This kid, whose name is Svajunas Beniukas, has been getting into all kinds of trouble for a long time. He has even assaulted other people. Another reason I hate Dustin Grey so much, and this kid is proof of this theory, because anyone who would abuse an animal will abuse anything and anyone. No matter who, and no matter what. They are sick people who need to really be put to death. There's something wrong with their brains to be able to do this and laugh like these kids did. Even when I was their age, I didn't laugh at shit like this. I was brought up to have empathy for others. I know it doesn't seem like it sometimes, but really, I do! I could never do this to another living thing. I hurt bad enough when Vegas broke his claw jumping out of the car. Hearing him screaming in pain was heartbreaking for me. I wanted to take that pain out of his body and put it in my own so he wouldn't have to deal with it. I don't understand kids like Beniukas or Dustin Grey. I don't see how they could possibly hurt a little dog and feel good about it. It makes me sick.

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