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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Special Guest??

Well, INXS will be appearing at the Olympics this month in BC, I cannot go myself, but I do hope it's going to be televised here in the US. Well, maybe I'll catch INXS on their tour. I will still be cheering them on no matter what! But now they are saying that JD will be making a "special guest appearance". Wonder what that means? I figured JD would be rejoining INXS, but nothing was even implied that it would be only in the way of a special guest appearance. But oh well! At least I was right about JD rejoining INXS, I was just hoping it'd be more than a simple guest appearance for one show. One of the fans stated that INXS may not want to do another tour because of their advancing age. I was like "You've got to be kidding!" How many groups are over 55 and still touring? Still even facing screaming fans?!! INXS does not look like the kind of band that would give up. They've proven that right several times over!! I think these men are still going to be touring well into their 70s. I cannot wait to see what Timmy will look like then! hehe! Bet he'll still be very handsome! I think he's still beautiful now.

I looked back and I noticed most of the posts made by that goon Cameron have been deleted. Serves him right!! He claims he's been doing things for INXS, and I find that somewhat hard to believe! INXS are such nice guys, and this dude's a jerk!! He's such a jerk, he almost ran one of my Facebook buds right off her account. He kept sending this person hate messages. If I had a chance, I'd ask INXS how they feel about him running the fans off like that. It's one thing to get angry at someone maybe have a little disagreement, but to constantly spam them with hate mail, over and over again, simply because of a disagreement, that's just plain sick!! If INXS is still working with this goon, there would go my respect for them. Probably not, because he was shit-talking the band on their page as much as he was the fans. Like I said before, people like him I feel sorry for. I wouldn't be in his shoes for nothing in the World!! But regardless of how I feel about him personally, I do still believe he did make a few valid points. They'd just be easier to swallow if he wasn't such a dumbass!

For reasons like this dude, I should carry my can of pepper spray to the concerts I go to. I wish I could, but I probably can't! The security might think of it as a weapon, even though I would never use it except in the case of self-defense. It sure beats busting someone in the gut or blackening their eyes shut. I don't want to, and don't like to, do things like that. I'm like an ostrich, I prefer to walk away from trouble. hehe!

Well, I still will be rooting for these guys, still sitting on the curb and clapping. Still loving and supporting them. I cannot stop that. Gotta focus on what is important to me, and that is seeing these guys once more before they decide to retire. I only hope they come to this state! Maybe even to this town! If they do, I can take care of them. hehe! I cannot really do much but I can make them feel at home. The convention hall in town is a great place for them to hold a concert. I looked it over. If it can hold a home show, it sure can hold an INXS concert with a few hundred people.
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