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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tsunami Tscare

Well, we had a bit of a tsunami scare here, but it turned out to be false. Though the waves did kick up a little bit. My ma was out all day, she got herself a new car. Yippee!! It's a Ford Focus. Bummer!! I hate Fords!! They are the most unreliable cars there is. Well, I heard there may still yet be a tsunami in Japan. There was a bit of one in Hawaii, how bad it was I don't know just yet. I'm hoping my friends and family still living in Hawaii are OK. I have a godmother there. So, I hope she and her children are OK. Of course her children are all grown!! Not sure if they still live there or not. I remember her name is Gladys, and last time I heard from her was in 1995.

Well today's been a full day! Ma's been gone with my stepfather, I've been working on this book about mammals of the Metazoic, I got called retarded white American trash by someone on YouTube. LOL! Been a full day! hehe! I seriously need some help with the Metazoic site. My old buddies keep asking me when I'm going to do something new and different. I keep telling them I don't know. I've got a lot on my plate now as it is. I simply cannot wait till Monday!!! I'm going to get my stuff and begin building my bird and reptile cages!! I am also on pins and needles about the upcoming new INXS website! Oh boy! Is that ever exciting!! If they are going to have a forum, and let mere fans moderate it, if I may, I'd like to make a suggestion for the owners of the site. Have anyone who applies to moderate the forums go through some kind of rigorous test or something. Or online moderation classes or something because I don't think it's fair to have posts deleted just because they cause a little bit of a debate on the forum. The site needs action and a debate will do it. Like I said, as long as there are no personal attacks involved. But last time I was on that forum, I noticed one of the mods erased a whole thread simply because someone she didn't like posted on that thread, which was as stupid an act as I've ever seen anyone perform!!! My advice is DO NOT allow someone like that to moderate again!!! Of course if that person does, I won't be going in the forum, but I'm just laying out a bit of advice. They can take it, and create a forum that is peaceful and fun, or tell me to shove it and have a forum that is so sensitive it won't be any fun at all.

I think personally, ONLY posts that present a personal attack on someone should be removed. But because a post causes a few people to disagree does not mean that the thread should be deleted. There are ways a person can disagree and still maintain a respectful, graceful position. I've done it lots of times myself. Here's some examples of a good and bad debate for someone to go by:

Good debate:
Mikessa: I don't want to worry about world hunger when I am facing problems of my own.

Timmyfan: Hello Mik, sorry to hear about your problems but world hunger is a growing problem that should be the concern of everyone.

Bad debate (including personal attacks):
Mikessa: I don't want to worry about world hunger when I am facing problems of my own.

MadameX: oh shut up about your problems, who cares about you when there are starving children in this world you moron!!

The latter type of comments are the kind that does nobody any good and should be deleted. I understand that people can get upset when there are disagreements, believe me I used to!! Sometimes, without either party realizing it, the debate can lead up to the kind of comments like the one from "MadameX" simply because someone like "Mikessa" in the example, holds fast to her beliefs. That's to be expected. So her comment should be deleted because it has a personal attack involved, and if possible, would be better if it was taken to PMs. But it wouldn't be worth it really if Mikessa is going to just hold on to her beliefs. Then MadameX's arguments would be futile. hehe!!! :)

Anyway, I hope this clears the air a bit.
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