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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sweepin' The Clouds Away

Well, today we got a big surprise, it's sunny today, and it was supposed to be raining. Well, I want to say happy St. Patrick's Day to all my viewers. My ma traditionally celebrates this day with a dinner of corned beef and cabbage. She's almost 50% Irish in background, so she kinda grew up with her grandma carrying on this tradition. Oh boy! I personally HATE corned beef and cabbage!! Funny eh? I guess the Irish genes are just not that dominant in me. hehe! That's a joke BTW. I definitely have those well-known characteristics, I am a little bit sweet and a little bit salty at times. In my case, more than ma's, I have a lot of characteristics thrown together giving me a balance in my temperament.  I'm almost 50% Mexican, so I have a lot of that Latin temperament as well as the Irish on top. I also have the rather hot temperament of the Scottish as well. A lethal combination. But I also have some Scandinavian softness added to my background. It's probably that that prevents me from completely flying off the handle and staying that way. But then it's run over again by the French/Italian in my background, which can also be quite temperamental. I get angry, but I get over it rather quickly. Sometimes when I blow up at someone, I usually think back and say to myself "Oh GOD how I wish I hadn't done that!" LOL! Sometimes when I get pissed, I can really get PISSED!!! That's when I do the things that has me wishing I hadn't done them in the afterthought. hehe! I'm still working on cooling off. Well, today I am celebrating with making some mint-chocolate cookies. I found some Andes mint chips in a store, and I thought that would be cool made up in a batch of my famous deep chocolate cookies. Where I usually add chocolate chips to that batter, today instead I am going to add mint chips. It's gonna be GOOOOOOD!!! Yes I admit it, I like to splurge in sweets once in a while.

Well, I found out Hutch's Strangest Party is going to be sending condolence cards to Timmy's wife, Beth. I think that's a very nice thing to do and I would love to send her a card myself. So I will definitely be a part of this. I never met the woman, and I barely know Tim! But shoot, I cut my hair for people like her. I feel like I need to do something great in addition to cutting my hair. Cutting my hair was a radical change for me! I'm so much more used to having it long. Well, last night, I had Anna dye my hair, kinda turning the clock back a little. As if that's some big thing!! I've been gray since I was 10 years old!! My ma was an early grayer and so is Anna. She just doesn't have as much gray hair as me. Everyone seems to like my hair better short. Maybe I should keep it this way.

I also got another interesting e-mail, from the so-called "Better Breeders Corner". Apparently their forum has been hacked. Looks like karma is rearing it's ugly head for them! I can only look at that message and laugh. Well, I laughed for a while, then I tossed it away. I don't ever go in that forum, and have no interest in what happens to it or anyone else in that forum. Well!! I do have a few buddies in there, and I do care about my buddies. But the rest I couldn't care less about. Most of the people in there are the dirty dozen mob. And they like to look up other peoples' personal info and put it on the forum. Ya know, the time and effort they put so much into poking their noses in other peoples' business, would be so much better spent doing something useful, like I put some of my time into helping out with Leukemia awareness. Oh but look at whom I am talking about. Most of the dirty dozen don't even know how to hold scissors, much less how to use them. And I doubt they care anything about leukemia awareness. If it doesn't affect their cats or dogs, I doubt they care about it.
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