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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Culling Friends

Very theraputic. Everyone should try it. Well, I normally don't do it. I don't like to. But for me, it all started this morning when I got a friend request from someone named Rachella Browna. I always accept every friend request because I like to give everyone a chance. There have been times when I've accepted requests even from people I knew all along would not work out. I do it anyways because that's my nature. Anyway, this Rachella she was just starting out, when I accepted her request, she had only 5 friends. I didn't know her, but then I have a lot of people as Facebook friends that I didn't know at first. And many of them turned out to be OK people! So I just came right out and asked this girl if she is an INXS fan. I didn't expect an answer right away. So I carried on about my regular day. Well, by this afternoon, I still hadn't heard from her and I was getting rather curious. So I went back to her page, and I noticed now she has over 100 friends!! Wow!! What a fast worker!! I tried to look for the message I left on her page, just to see if she'd responded to it and I just didn't know it. I went all the way back to the beginning, and the message I sent her had been deleted. Not only that, but one of the people she requested an add from had written her another message asking "Who are you?" That it's self told me a lot about this person! She's just whoring friends! Young people typically do that! They will go around to hundreds of random people and send them friend requests, just so they can go to school, college or where ever, and point out to others 'Hey! Look at my Facebook (and/or MySpace) page! I have a lot of friends! I rule!!' It's a status symbol for them.

Well, I always look for the mutual friends box, and I looked for hers and noticed she didn't have one. Which told me she and I had no mutual friends. That, coupled with this message from one of her "friends" and the fact that she had deleted my post, all told me this person is just looking for people for the numbers, not to really be friends with them. So, I wrote one last message to her saying "OK, bye!" and I deleted her from my friends. I updated my status on Facebook saying "I ain't that fricken desperate for friends on here!" So I went back and culled a few more people, most of them were people who probably only had me in their friends for the same reason. To me, friends are friends, not numbers to be displayed as a status symbol! I'll NEVER be that desperate for friends!!! I like to build lasting friendships with everyone on my list, I treat them all as equals. I usually do not send requests to anyone, for the simple fact that I feel like I'm forcing myself on them. Don't ask me why I feel that way! I just do!! I've been that way since I was a kid. I don't send requests, but I always accept them. But today, I did some culling, which is something I don't normally do. I do it like once in a blue moon. Today was one of those days where I said I'm going to do this. So I did. There was one person I've had since the beginning, and I deleted her because we've NEVER communicated in any way and we had nothing in common. I've been meaning to get rid of her, but I just never got around to it.

So today, I went from having 94 friends on Facebook, to only having 89. :) But I'm not unhappy.
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