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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The INXS Curse

I'd better not bad mouth INXS again, I think they voodooed me! Last night I had to go out because my looney sister didn't put her school money in the bank! So I had to go and do it myself so her book purchases wouldn't bounce! She never listens! I told her to put that money in the bank, she could have done it after she got out at school. Unfortunately at our bank here in town, you cannot make after-hour deposits. So, I had to hurry on over to the branch in Aberdeen to prevent the account bouncing and us having to pay an extra $28 for each bounced item. I asked Anna why she didn't deposit the money herself and her only answer was she was hungry and wanted to get home and eat. Also yesterday, I noticed INXS.com had a ticker on their page counting down the next 2 days. I kept saying "I hope this leads to something and it had better be good!"

Well, as I was walking out the door to go to the car, I was trying to keep the dogs from following me out. I tried closing the door really quickly, so quickly that my left hand was caught in the door way and I didn't even know it!! I wound up slugging my 2 middle fingers between the door and the frame, and it hit pretty damn HARD!!!! My fingernails immediately turned black! It hurt so damn much it induced me to laugh! Believe it or not, I have this whiny laugh when I am in pain. I couldn't do anything about it then because I had to hurry into Aberdeen, but the pain and lack of mobility in those fingers made driving extremely difficult!! How I made it, I don't know!! Even now, trying to type this blog is torture! It's taking a lot longer than it normally does for me. I was thinking INXS had cursed me because I said that about their countdown page. I blame that and I also blame Anna for making me go out there as well!! Instead of her depositing the money herself while she was in Aberdeen like I told her to yesterday before she left for school!!! The only good thing about this is that I am grateful that it wasn't my writing hand that was hurt.

Today, it still hurts like Hell! There's no swelling, but it still hurts bad!! I just want to stay home today!! Stay home and look at my pics of Timmy and dream of the new website. I wonder what the site will have? I don't know what I want to see personally. But will there be any fan interaction like last time? I don't know why I care about that at all! LOL! If I did go back, I think I'd find that I'm the most hated fan on the planet. Like I said in my bullying video; mostly, if not entirely, because I don't follow these so-called "popular fans". I'm not into that. I like whom I like and that's it. I don't like someone just because they have interaction with the band! In fact, those kinds of fans I have found to be the worst! Because most of them think their shit doesn't stink. I don't think I'll be interacting with the fans at all. And most of my writing will probably be here on this blog. But they are more than welcome to read here if they want to! I don't mind at all.
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