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Friday, April 9, 2010

INXS Website's New Vibe

Looks like there isn't going to be any forums or anything of that nature. But they have got where we are allowed to post on pics and other bits on the site. Pretty cool!!! I had a look at the mods of the site. Doesn't look like DonnaG is one of the mods, but it is full of her supporters. This is the list of mods I got today:


I only know Drumbaby and Aussierocks1. They're pretty cool. The rest I don't know, or don't like at all. Duran2inxs, she's one of those fans who thinks her shit doesn't stink. I don't like her at all! She can seem nice at first, but she's only nice to you as long as you agree with everything she says, or you give her something, or you're one of those other fans who is very popular, or has had drinks with the band. Libby, I only spoke with her once, and that was enough! I don't like her either. I didn't like how she approached me. She approached me like a rabid gorilla when she thought I was talking about her on here, which I wasn't at the time! But she approached me like a madman anyway. She'll probably read this again, and approach me the same way, but if anyone wants any proof of how evil she can be, I still have the e-mails she sent when she *thought* I was talking about her. I'll post them up if I have to. Dees I have no idea who she is, but I know she's a DonnaG supporter. So I think I'll stay away from her too. Gosh, I hope they cannot see my ISP #. Those last 3 I'm sure will share my info with Donna! Scary. If DonnaG finds out where I live at, I'm surely going to report their asses. You can bet on that!
Well, now. Everyone knows I live in Ocean Shores, but only my friends know exactly where. And these friends I trust. I know they wouldn't divulge where. I have made a few posts, on some pics mostly. I hope my inquiries didn't go to these people!! Then I know I'll never get any assistance. I signed on to create a new account, but for some reason, I couldn't get it to send me the confirmation e-mail. So I wrote to the people behind the site. My friends told me they're probably getting thousands of messages, and not to expect them to respond. Some of my friends said that they were able to sign in using their old login info. I didn't think that was possible with me because before the old inxs.com site shut down, I deleted my account there. I'm so glad I did too! I wouldn't have wanted to pay for another year only to find out the site would shut down in the middle of that year! Everything happens for a reason. Perhaps I felt deep down inside that would happen so my interest in INXS waned off a little. Maybe. Who really knows?
Well anyway, I tried it, and sure enough, I was able to sign in with my old info. But I didn't want to be known as "TKGsChihuahuas". That was my old screen name, and I had it when I was breeding chihuahuas. Now, I only have 2 chihuahuas, both are spayed/neutered, and one papillon, also spayed. I'm not a kennel anymore. So I changed the name. I still show up under the fan info as "TKGsChihuahuas", even though I changed it to Timmyfan1. That kinda sucks!! I had to use "Timmyfan1" because "Timmyfan" was already taken, by me in the other account I could not get verified! It's silly! But oh well!! As long as those last 3 people on the admin list cannot access my info, I don't care what happens!
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