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Monday, April 5, 2010

Maybe This Is IT?

I keep going back to inxs.com and seeing the same thing I saw when the count down stopped. I'm starting to believe that this is it. This is the new website. Perhaps we were the wrong ones in thinking there was going to be something like what we had before. Maybe there isn't going to be a forum, no blogs, no band bios, no fan interaction, no videos, no pictures, no discography, no nothing! I'm thinking this is the whole bowl of wax; a free newsletter that you sign up for. And they send you alerts saying "this is when INXS will be going touring, and where they will appear", and yadda-yadda-yadda. I'm beginning to believe that! Because for days, it's said "It's Finally Here", and that means it's here at last. This was the final wait. Well, maybe it wasn't what we expected, but I guess this is going to be it. Maybe there is no more. hm. Rather dull if you ask me! But then again, who did ask me? LOL! Maybe INXS didn't want to deal with having a big, spectacular site that they would have to monitor or something. I don't know.

INXS has just announced on Facebook that the new site should take off in 48 hours TOPS. We'll see about that! I just want to alert all fans to keep their eyes open. Maybe something will change.
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