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Monday, April 5, 2010

Metazoica Now Being Updated

Well, now that I have picked my web designer, he has been hard at work. I like this guy a lot! He is a very hard worker, and is doing everything he can to make this site work. I was so glad this time I let my instincts do the picking. If I had done that when I was picking someone to do the UMG Productions site, I would be 1000% more happy with the work than I was and right now, the site wouldn't be having a problem. My instincts are impeccable, what can I say? I never would have hired the guy that I did hire if I had used my instincts then. I used my eyes and ears then. Not good! He made himself sound like he was the answer to all my prayers, like he was my work angel sent from Heaven. There was another guy who I liked a lot better, and I should have hired him! But I felt this worker was good because so far, he has been very quick to respond to my requests without putting up too much of a battle. He does exactly what I want and when I want it. That other guy, I couldn't even get him to remove those banners I kept telling him I didn't want!

I took down my last post about Timmy blocking me. I found out what the problem was, and I mostly did that post to be funny. But I don't want anyone getting the wrong idea about how I feel about Tim, and I was afraid that's what that post would be doing. I still like the guy a lot. Besides, I found out it wasn't that he was blocking me. I tried donating to someone else on that site and I still found that I couldn't. So it wasn't Timmy blocking me at all! LOL! I was only kidding anyway when I said that!!! If I can't tease Tim Farriss, who can I tease? It was the site it's self that was blocking me, because what I have is not a real credit card. So I said what the hey! I cut my hair for leukemia awareness, that it's self was a huge sacrifice for me. I just wish I could have done a lot more.

Well, barring a few problems, the new Metazoic site should be up and running soon. That's why I like this guy, I have a knack for being able to tell who is good and who is not, when I rely on my instincts. And I knew this guy would be good. I even told him that later on, I might want to hire him again to do the UMG Productions site. But I better draw out a plan. A much better plan. I think I know exactly what I want for that site. This one though I have to discuss with my supervisor. Even she is upset that the site is now down. Fortunately we are also very good friends, so she hasn't fired me yet over this. LOL! I told her about this guy the other day, and she agreed I should hire him to redo the UMG site. Well, I wrote to the old web designer, and am giving him one last chance to respond. If he doesn't respond by the end of this week, he's going to be toast!
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