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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Shaved Ape

This is a video I made in response to some jerk who calls himself MobbDeepProduction. I watched his video from beginning to end, and it was a video of him and his dipshit friends making fun of a random fat woman in a restaurant, eating an ice cream cone. The woman didn't even know she was being filmed. She may have known she was being degraded, I don't know. But I strongly doubt she knew she was being filmed. I wrote on his channel and I told him that I hope that woman finds him and sues his ass because he would deserve it. To film someone without their permission and not tell them is wrong. It's a criminal act known as video voyuerism. Besides that the slanderous things they said about that woman. I only put a couple of things in my video, but some of the things they said were cruel. So I gave him a taste of his own medicine, and told him he looks like a shaved ape. Which is really an insult to apes everywhere, and I admit it was cruel of me to say that, but it was cruel of him to poke fun at a woman he knows nothing about! He has no idea why she was fat. And his "skinny" girlfriend was eating a lot more than the fat woman, and with more gusto, and drinking a large soda besides. Yet no one was making fun of her. Why? Most likely because she's not fat. People like him think that just because a woman is fat and eating an ice cream cone and enjoying it, that she must not do anything but eat all day, and that may not be true. But unless you know, for absolute certain, what a person's situation is--not just basing your views on what you've seen in TV shows, or what you think you know--you should not judge them so harshly! People like that should just GTH. Anyway, here is my video:
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