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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Still Learning The New Site

I've got so much on my plate, I just go into inxs.com when I can. I got people who want the Metazoic site finished NOW. It's just me working on it now! So I juggle it into my schedule when I can. But I also have to live a little thing called life. I don't want to disappoint my viewers, but I am a busy person. I work on Metazoica when I can. I'd like it to be faster myself, but since it's only me working on it, I can only do it at my pace. I barely have much time to get into inxs.com. Most of my time online is spent doing the Metazoic site, or with fans and other people I enjoy. I don't go into inxs.com with the intent of conversing with anyone. Particularly not strangers. So, my friends from Facebook, or MySpace, if I haven't responded to you, please accept my apologies. If they want to say anything to me, they know where to find me anyway. I think by now all my friends know about this blog, and they all can reach me in Facebook or MySpace.

Yeah, I know. I might as well be known as a cyber-hermit. You all know by now how I got this way. Or you should. Now, anyone who isn't on my Facebook or MySpace, I have NO interest in conversing with. :) Anyway, I was thinking about the new INXS site. They have where fans can upload pics. But since I am such a lousy photographer, they should have where the fans can upload videos. When I go to concerts, I'm going to be taking videos, not still pics. I only have one camera, and it is so old, and eats up batteries like nobody's business!! If I thought I was any good at photography, I would get myself one of those $1500 cameras and equipment. But my skills as a photographer SUCKS!!!! I'm much better at making movies. Of course I will be condensing these films so I can post them up to YouTube. I will also be in the films, adding a bit of comedy and narrative relief. But don't expect me to film the lead singers, whomever they may be. My primary focus will be Tim!! He is the only one I really go there to see. I still don't give 2 shits about Brandon Flowers!!! All I want to see is my favorite men of INXS. I may capture some JD if he is there for my JD loving buddies. I will also be posting these videos up on Facebook for my friends to see. Those videos will be longer. YouTube only allows 10 minutes, so I will only be posting 10 minutes of the video there. But Facebook allows up to 20 minutes. I can much easier fit 2 hours of concert into 20 minutes. We'll see what happens. :)
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