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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tree Frog!

No one will believe this. A couple of weeks ago, I ordered some more books from Amazon.com about the care and maintenance of frogs. Since I want to raise tree frogs and dart frogs, I thought it would be good to purchase some books about them and study them. So I got some on order from Amazon.com, which is where I've been getting all my books lately. I don't even go to book stores anymore! I found I can get a better deal at Amazon. So I found these books specifically about dart frogs and tree frogs. I always wait for my response from Amazon to come saying my payment was received, then I wait in anticipation for my books to come. Sometimes it only takes a few days to arrive, sometimes it can take as long as a week. Sometimes longer.

Well, Monday I got one of my books in the mail. It came in a big, white, padded envelope. It was oddly square, about 2 inches thick, and I thought to myself "I don't think I ordered any books that thick!" But then I thought maybe it was packed in a larger box in the envelope or something. But it was awful small! But then my day gecko book was smaller than I expected too. Didn't make it any less enjoyable! So I rushed into the house so I could open up my package and see the goodies I got. I always gather the dogs for such an occasion, they're family, they have a right to rejoice as well! LOL! As I started to tear open the envelope, I noticed there was what looked like an old book inside. At the first instant, I thought "Well that's an unusual looking box!" But then, to my shock and horror, when I pulled this "box" out of the envelope, I realized it wasn't an odd box, but the book it's self. At first I couldn't believe they sent the wrong book!! I double checked in the envelope, thinking maybe it was a bonus book or something and the real book I ordered would be inside. But no. The book I ordered was nowhere in sight! I hoped for a book about the care and maintenance of tree frogs. The green kind, that hop around in trees and go "reebit!" Instead, I got a classic, condensed Reader's Digest book that has a story about a killer named Tree Frog! I've seen these books before. Most used book stores cannot give them away! And people who do have them usually use them for nothing more than to prop up a crooked bed or sofa!

Well, needless to say I was pretty honked off! I thought it was the dealer's idea of a sick joke. So I got even. I left them bad feedback. Of course that was before I had a chance to cool down and think that maybe I need to write to this dealer and tell them in a nice way that I am not satisfied. So that is what I did. It took 3 days, but they finally responded to me and told me they will be sending me a complete refund. I was grateful and wrote them a thank you note. I was so glad I got all my money back, including the shipping. Now I can order the book I want from a dealer who will send it to me.

When I look for a good dealer, I try to check the feedback. This person's feedback was almost impeccable! Almost, but not quite. But then, not many dealers actually have 100% positive feedback! So I look for the number closest to 100% and above a 95%. One has to allow for some imperfections! This dealer has 98% positive feedback. So I thought they would be safe to deal with. I never even imagined they would send me the wrong book! It's never happened to me before. They told me I can keep the book, but I have no use for this kind of a book! They said if I cannot use it to donate it to charity. But like I said before, most places cannot even give these kind of books away. I'd hate to clutter the Salvation Army with a book that will sit on their shelves for many years, only to wind up in the trash or recycling bin anyway. So guess what I did. I cut out the middleman! I put that book in the trash can myself right after I got their message. It's where it belongs now. I got my refund and I am happy!
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