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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Update On My Bird Cage

Well it is a sunny day outside, not a single cloud in the sky, and it was rather warm too. The perfect kind of day I figured I could finish putting the poles up on my cage. The cage has been sitting undone for quite a long time. I like to work on these outside, so I've been waiting for a day just like today. I took my unfinished cage outside to drill the frame in, and it looks pretty darn good so far! Took a lot of work to get the screws drilled in place. It's not as easy as it may look! But I've got all 4 poles in place now, all I have to do is order the acrylic sides, and a solid wooden back, make a hood, and I'll be finished. This cage still is not what one would call "professional quality", but it's good enough for me. Since I am the only one really going to be seeing these birds and stuff, the cages do not have to be professional just yet. Though when I get started on the gecko, tree frog and dart frog cages, I'm going to have to be a little more careful. Those cages are going to need constant misting, so I have to build it good enough for that. There can't be any gaps at all, everything has to be measured perfectly down to the last decimal. Partly because I don't need misting getting on the floor and also because these smaller animals are excellent escape-artists.

I also have an acrylic sealant that I used to seal up some of the cracks. This way the birds don't get hurt if they happen to get on the floor level of the cage and their toenail might slip into a crevice or something to that effect. So maybe next month I will be getting some varnish and some paint-on water sealer. Then maybe the month after that I will be ready to get the acrylic siding. We shall see!! I still need to make something in the way of a groove to put the acrylic in so it doesn't slip and the birds don't figure a way to get out.

In other news, my web designer finished the Meet The Mammals section of Metazoica. I invite anyone to check it out. So far, it looks great! Or I think it does. I still have to give the instructions given to me by the person who designed the template to my web designer, and see what he can do with it. He's been very good so far. I really like him. He said that I need to create a more eye-catching site and I totally agree with him! I need to start with the banner and work my way down. I've been thinking of a 3D-movie type banner, with some animals from the site racing across with the word "Metazoica" in the background. That would be very eye-catching!! People love 3D animation now. I don't like anime, but I can agree about the 3D animation. So I thought why not have a 3D animated banner for the site? There's no reason I could think of that that wouldn't work! But that's just one of the improvements I'd need. I'm trying to go by some of his boss's suggestions. He knows what he's doing, I'm sure. At first I was going to have a flash banner, but after I thought about it, I thought an animated banner would be better.

That's not the only change that Metazoica is going to be going through. I'm also going to have a members section where I will have movies about some of the animals. I've been thinking more along the lines of having them cartoony-style, like the animals on the movie Madagascar. Only less of the extreme features. Have them look somewhat real and somewhat cartoony. I've also been thinking of having some video games up. And a rating system for members to rate each animal on the site. That should be cool!

I recently wrote to the creators of the new inxs.com site and suggested they put up a section where members can upload video onto the site. He wrote me back and said that sounded like a great idea. Then he hit me with a trick question. He asked me if I have any videos already up on YouTube. I was thinking he meant like INXS videos, which I do not have yet. I was not sure they were legal! Though I've seen other people post some. Since my skills as a still photographer suck tiger balls, I thought instead I could take videos of INXS when I go to the concerts, and post them up on inxs.com. Everyone raves about my videos. Though mostly because they are funny. I will also be adding comedy to these videos as well. It's not going to be all concert clips. I told him I have videos I have done on YouTube, but very little has to really do with INXS. But I told him he is more than welcome to check out the videos I do have, strickly to show him what I can do with videos. I looked back again at some of my other videos that do talk about INXS. I heard the video again that talked about the site being up. I was like "Oh my! I hope he doesn't take that the wrong way!" LOL! That video was supposed to be funny. I was making fun of myself in the video more than the site or INXS. So far, one other fan has seen it and taken it seriously. Oh well. I still kinda hope that the site manager considers my suggestion. If not, well, I will continue to share my videos here, on MySpace, Facebook and YouTube.
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