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Friday, April 16, 2010

Worst People on YouTube

One thing I've noticed that besides the usual trolls that just happen to pop up everywhere, the rudest people on YouTube are the self-proclaimed computer geeks whose videos show nothing but their video game playing skills. There was a girl who commented rudely on a video of mine a couple of weeks ago, and she was a self-proclaimed expert at Star Craft, or something like that, I dunno. I don't know the video games these days. She didn't have a single video about anything else except to show off her game playing skills with this video game. Ya know I never saw the point in posting videos of yourself playing video games? Aren't there other websites for that kind of BS? I mean I think posting yourself playing a video game on YouTube is pointless and stupid.

Perhaps this proves I was right about why today's kids are much more rude and obnoxious than I ever remember them being before. I blame it on video games and anime cartoons. We had those when I was a kid, and yes we did have our share of rude children. But they seem to be much worse today than they were back then. I couldn't be rude to anyone because if my ma ever caught me saying the kind of things I've seen today's children say to adults on the internet, she would have slapped me shitless!! Even if it was on the internet!! Parents really need to watch their kids, even on the net! And beat the tar out of them when they do something they shouldn't. But now you cannot discipline your kids today because of Bill Clinton. It was all his idea to make it illegal to touch your own kids! Pretty soon, a parent won't be able to hug their own children without the threat of being thrown in jail! I know nowadays a teacher cannot hug a child, even if it is to comfort them. And that's a shame! I can remember an incident where I was running and playing and I slipped and fell, scraped myself really bad. My teacher put her arm around me, gave me some soothing words and it made me feel better. Then she took me inside and bandaged me up and I was right as rain. This was before my transformation. By the time I got into my high school years, I didn't trust anyone and I hated to be touched. I think I should point out though that that was the fault of the other kids, not the teachers. But still. I think this helps point out why kids today are worse than they've ever been before. But I would be willing to bet that the same kids who were really bad back then, were also kids whose lives at home centered around playing video games.

Well, this was just an observation. I'm kinda having second thoughts about putting video games in Metazoica. But there is one I think would be really good and I've been thinking of it since I first got this idea back in 1998.
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