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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

David Johnston

Someone I haven't thought of in many years, all of a sudden, I'm thinking about him. Pretty heavily too! He was one of the more famous geologists to work at Mount St. Helens before the eruption. He was a volcanologist of phenominal proportions! He was like no other. He knew long before Mount St. Helens erupted that the eruption was going to be a bad one. Unfortunately he was there when the mountain blew. In fact, he was most likely the mountain's first victim. He had been filling in for someone else that morning on May 18th. Officially he wasn't supposed to be there, but by fate, he was. It's kinda sad at that that he was there and got caught in the blast. Today, if he had been still around, he would have been probably a world-renouned volcanologist. He no doubt would have been tops in the field. He was also the nicest person you could ever hope to meet. How do I know? Because I've met him. I was just a kid, but I met him and I remember. Not only that but back in 2000, when St. Helens had it's 20th anniversary of the eruption, I met a lot of his personal friends and collegues, and they all confirmed what I knew all along. That David Johnston was a very sweet man. Nice guys don't always finish last! Johnston was already well on his way to becoming very well-known across country and in many parts of the World. He was someone I would have loved to have as a mountain-climbing buddy!! Not only was he so nice, but he was also so handsome!! Check this pic out:

This is from my personal collection. But really I don't like this pic of him. It doesn't do him justice because he has the sun in his eyes, so he is squinting. It actually kinda makes him look mean, and I know he was not a mean person! I used to have another pic of him smiling, and I think it got lost in the move! :( WAAAA! And I loved that pic!!! But today I tore the whole house apart trying to find that pic, and I could NOT find it!!! That really SUCKS!!!!!!!! But here, even though this is in black and white, you can definitely tell how blue and bright his eyes were! He was a very handsome man! I think it was partly because of him that I married the man I did marry. He too had blond hair and blue eyes, and his name was also David!! LOL! How ironic!!

Well, I like David Johnston a lot. I liked him so much that I named one of my characters after him (Davy, well known from the story "Gracie's Odyssey"), and not only that, but I also named one of my Metazoic mammals after him. It's called Orochoreutes johnstoni, and it's a relative of Deinognathus. Back in those days, I only named animals in my checklist after people I liked, and I did like David Johnston a LOT! Though it seems today I am more interested in meeting a quota rather than immortalizing my friends by naming some of my animals after them. LOL! I need to cut that out! Though I haven't done it in months. But David Johnston was quite a guy! And lately I've been thinking about him more than usual. Probably because pretty soon here, I'm going to be working on the story with him in it that I wrote back in 1997. I have him and Harry Truman in the story. But I also have me in the story (as a grown woman), working as a hostess in a hotel, and I wait on Johnston, and we become fast friends. NOT lovers, like in the St. Helens movie!!! Just really good buddies, mountain-climbing buddies. Almost like a lifelong dream come true.

Well, Johnston was taken too early. He was only 30. He could have become world famous! But I look at it this way: Mount St. Helens loved David Johnston so much, that she made him a part of her now. And besides that, he died doing what he loved to do. And that to me, means so much more than world fame or fortune! That's how I want to go, when I go. I want to go doing what I love. If I were a volcanologist, I'd want just one major eruption to take me to Heaven. I'd go with a smile on my face, then I can tell the people when I get up there; "You'll never believe, but I saw the most spectacular sight I've ever seen before I came here! I saw Mount St. Helens erupt! It was AWESOME!!!!" I imagine that's what Johnston did when he got to Heaven.

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