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Monday, May 10, 2010

G-No G-News Is G-Not Good G-News!

I was doing this all day today on YouTube, I was looking for clips from an old show I used to LOVE when I was a kid!! It was called the Great Space Coaster, it was one of several skit shows created for children. I remember I watched that show for 2 years straight and I loved it!! It wasn't really educational or anything, it was just funny! And that is what I liked. I would give anything in the World to see that series again, but I cannot find it on DVD. That's what I've been trying to do lately is rekindle some old shows that I used to love when I was a kid. Among them, Pinwheel, Dennis the Menace and the Great Space Coaster. The one episode that got me hooked immediately on this show displayed this one skit where this one woman who was regularly on the show, I think her name was Emily, got a letter from a friend about a dog she had, and she sang a song about the letter. The girl had this golden retriever that got very old, and finally passed away and she wrote Emily about it. That was back in 1982 when I saw that episode, I hadn't yet had any pets that passed away back then, but I had had pets before then, and I got attached to them, so I figured how it must have felt to have lost a pet like that. From that moment on, I was hooked on the show! I loved it!! And Emily sang pretty darn good, as did all of them.

Well, as I was searching around today, I found a couple of little snippets of some of the skits. They don't present the whole skit, but they had enough to bring back some fond memories! Among them were clips of a character called Gary the Gnu. I love listening to him! LOL! He's always adding the "G" sound to his "N" words. It's kinda cute! Reminds me of the old Fat Albert cartoon series of the 70s. That character Mushmouth always added the "B" sound before and after his words. But he added it to all his words. Gary the Gnu only added the "G" if the word began with the "N" sound. So to him, "nice" would have been "G-nice", and "now" would have been "G-now". LOL! It's funny!! If only such characters as Elmo could be like that, Sesame Street might be cool once again. But Elmo is not even a real animal. He's just a dumb, make-believe monster, who thinks he's special, but he's not! He just looks like a red person with hair all over his body. Not even a horn or tail to give him personality or character! And he's annoying as the devil!! But even as an adult, as when I was a kid, I loved characters like Goriddle the gorilla, Gary the gnu, even Big Bird!!

It's kinda funny how these skits with gnus have characters who add the "G" sound to "N" words. In reality, the "G" in gnu is supposed to be silent. It's supposed to actually be pronounced like "new". But then if everybody did that on these skits, then the animals would lose their character, cuz that's what makes them cute!! Well, I wish to GOD I could find the Great Space Coaster on DVD, I tried. Even from other fans of the show, maybe doing a possible trade for something I might have. Though I don't have much that you cannot get commercially on DVD. I do have some episodes of Alf and Mama's Family that you cannot get in their original format anymore. Now, all the production companies have is syndicated versions!! That SUCKS!!! I only have a few episodes that are in the original uncut format. They're funny as heck! Original and uncut is ALWAYS, without question, the best way to view these series! These sissy-edited versions of any TV shows don't mean shit!!! You can record them off the TV for free if that's all you want!! Or for St. Helens fans, I have specials from the 10th, 15th, 20th, and 25th anniversaries of the eruption! Anna said she wants to try and get some for the 30th anniversary. I hope it's good! So far though, NOTHING has beat the 10th anniversary specials! Complete with retro commercials if you like that stuff. I do because it brings back memories. But anyway, you cannot get those anymore. Not many St. Helens fans out there though. I am because well, that's where I grew up! Up until the mountain erupted. Just as well anyway, I have no software to copy these disks! But if someone wanted to do a trade, I'd find a way to copy them! There's copying software out there somewhere.

For the 30th Anniversary Anna and I were going to do something special. We were going to run up to the mountain, look for interesting people and do interviews with them. Should be fun! We want to ask people "Do you remember what you were doing when the mountain exploded?" I do! My ma, sis, me and some friends were at a pancake house having breakfast before church. We didn't hear nothing, nor did we really feel more than a little tremor. But I remember, we were sitting by a window, looking up northeast, and there it was all of a sudden, an enormous ash cloud. We were in Kelso, visiting these friends of the family, which is about 20-25 miles south of the mountain. My father was in Olympia, with his army troup. I panicked because I remembered I left my cat and her kittens at the house! Thankfully they were OK, we rescued them just in time. One of our friends was this big, strapping guy (actually nicknamed "Chubby"), and he went into the house and rescued the cat and kittens. He was my favorite friend, he knew what that cat and her kittens meant to me. That was just moments before part of our backyard was flooded with ash and mud! Didn't reach the house though. We were lucky!

Anyway, enough of that. I wanted to show off one of the videos I found.

This actually also contains the opening theme song, which I also loved as a kid. It was also the closing song. Different video though. But it also shows a few minutes of the first half of the show, with Gary Gnu and Goriddle Gorilla. Goriddle was a practical joker who always played tricks on people. Kinda like the show breeders on Pluba, only a LOT cuter!!! hehe! And he was actually funny. The show breeders only think they're funny. But they're really not. Anyway, enjoy this! I found more:

And here's another gnu song I found, pretty much the same language, adding the "G" sound to "N" words. Only this one remembers to add it to the word "no". For some reason, Gary Gnu on the Great Space Coaster didn't remember to add that! This is actually from the Muppet Show:

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